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It’s time for a press conference, Secretary Clinton

(08/19/16 2:02pm)

Hillary Clinton must hold a news conference, and fast. The Democratic nominee for President has not made herself available to the general press corps covering her since December of last year. For a person who hits Donald Trump hard for his nontraditional interactions with the press and has called him unfit for office, shutting out the press does not bode well for her. 

Make America vote again

(08/02/16 11:22am)

Voting has always been considered one of the most valuable and important parts of the American system of government. Over history, we have consistently expanded the right to vote to more citizens who had their voices muffled. In modern times, however, there are two forces in particular working against the goal of having the highest possible voter participation. Nearly half of the states have restrictive voter ID laws that aim to combat a problem that doesn’t exist to the degree the laws would have you believe. In addition, voter registration has been stagnant and many groups, especially young people, simply don’t register anymore. With one of the most divisive elections in recent history coming in just about 100 days, America needs a voting kick.

This summer's congressional recess: an embarrassment

(07/22/16 8:00pm)

For the next month, the mind of the political class will not be on the most major legislative issues facing the United States, but rather Republicans and Democrats alike are embarking on a seven-week recess for the summer and party conventions. Seven weeks will go by without resolutions to important policy questions posed by leaders from across the government. The American people should be outraged that their elected officials are taking this vacation to go play politics without first carrying out their duties as public servants.

In tragedy’s wake, a fragile balance

(06/22/16 1:58pm)

"Clearly, this was not just an attack on the LGBT community in Orlando, Florida, but an attack on America. Together, our nation must stand united against terror and hatred, and not permit prejudice, violence and fear to have the upper hand over the American ideals of compassion, liberty and freedom."  These words were from U.S. Representative Corrine Brown of Florida following the Orlando massacre on June 12.  

We all want to make America great

(06/09/16 2:00am)

Marco Rubio promised a “new American century.” Bernie Sanders advocates for “a future to believe in.” Donald Trump says he wants to “make America great again.” Trump’s statement has drawn in the most attention this campaign cycle and has been rebuked by Democrats and Republicans alike, with the popular response from both being that “America is already great.” But is it? So many Americans would argue that the principles that our nation supposedly operates upon are not applied to all Americans.