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#StillWe Pride Month hopes for more representation, stands with BLM

(07/03/20 4:29pm)

Stephanie Bortruex, co-chair of American University’s LGBTQ+ Faculty & Staff Affinity Group, said her proudest moment, within the organization, was marching in the 2019 Capital Pride Parade. After nearly a year of anticipation and working with the University for even more support in the 2020 parade, Capital Pride’s cancellation was a disappointment for the organization, Bortruex said. 

The (Com)Post: How Zero Waste Club promotes sustainable lifestyle choices on campus

(03/06/19 1:00pm)

Climate change is a big and looming issue, but it doesn’t have to be so intimidating. The (Com)Post is The Eagle’s new sustainability series that breaks down topics in eco-friendly living in a fresh, actionable and fun way. Check out our first installment of a staff writer making a zero waste meal.

The Dorm Food Diaries: Navigating breakfast in your dorm room

(10/11/18 2:25pm)

Transitioning into living in a college dorm is no easy feat, especially for those of us used to home-cooked meals and an accessible kitchen poised for everything from baked lasagna to an elaborate birthday cake. But when it’s 9:00 a.m. and you have a class in an hour, getting out of bed to run to TDR or braving the line at Einstein’s can be more of a battle than waking up itself. As a self-professed lover of all things easy and healthy, I’ve developed a few dorm room recipes that work within a reasonable timeframe and appease my morning hollow stomach.