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Opinion: AU’s poor handling of mold threatens student health

(04/16/19 1:00pm)

When a freshman at the University of Maryland died unexpectedly last November from pneumonia related to adenovirus infection, American University responded promptly by sending an email alert to students about the adenovirus infection. The email included an overview of the virus, an explanation that students with respiratory problems or weak immune systems are more susceptible and a reminder to follow basic hygiene standards. 

Opinion: D.C. mold law changes would help students in off-campus housing

(02/26/19 2:45am)

The D.C. City Council is considering important new regulations for mold remediation in the District after an investigation by the NBC Washington I-Team revealed a pattern of mold problems and lack of housing law enforcement in D.C. The new regulations are essential for addressing ongoing and pervasive mold problems in D.C. housing.

Opinion: Vague bullying prevention efforts do more harm than good

(12/05/18 5:20pm)

Bullying prevention campaigns and policies have exploded in popularity over the past few years. In part, this is due to the hard work of activists trying to make schools safer for everyone. But the vague language of bullying prevention has also been stretched so thin that it can be used to justify almost anything, from forcing girls to wear skirts and to never say no to boys to pushing discriminatory private school vouchers.

Opinion: Americans must demand an end to support for atrocities in Yemen

(11/12/18 8:25pm)

In a recent investigation, the New York Times published a photo of an emaciated young girl, Amal Hussain, suffering from starvation in Yemen. Her picture and subsequent death provoked an emotional and empathetic response from readers and became another symbol of civilian suffering in war-torn Yemen. The picture is unfortunately just one of many disturbing images from a war between Saudi Arabia and rebel groups who are fighting for control over land and political power in Yemen.