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Now is the time to deal with North Korea

(10/04/04 4:00am)

In late September, North Korea admitted to the world that it possessed nuclear weapons. To many, this was no surprise. There is still debate as to whether or not North Korea has truly completed a nuclear weapon, but nonetheless it is perilously close if not there already. Foreign policy experts, diplomats and international relations majors have known for years that the government of Kim Jong-Il has been attempting to weaponize uranium. North Korea lied to the Clinton administration a number of times in order to bide time, keep its nuclear reactors and hide its weapons program. There was optimism, though, that North Korea would turn an eye to the East and realize that rogue states, determined to acquire weapons of mass destruction and flouting international law and regimes, would meet the same fate as Iraq. I am no supporter of the Iraq war, but one thing it did accomplish was keep weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of a tyrant. North Korea has ignored the example set by the United States in Iraq and finally weaponized enough uranium to create, what some experts think, might amount to six to eight nuclear weapons. Whose fault is this?

My experience with a lone protestor

(01/26/04 5:00am)

The other day I saw a man who had chained himself to the ground. He was wearing an anti-CAFTA T-shirt and sitting on the bumper of a police vehicle, where uniformed officers surrounded him discussing the variety of ways they could unchain him from Connecticut Avenue in order to speed him off to the local jail. He sat smiling on that bumper, seemingly aloof from the goings-on around him. A line of police cars, a fire truck, a news camera, flashing lights, sirens, on-lookers ... all that man did was sit on that bumper, and smile. I call him Chain-Man because to me he is a superhero.