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Silver Screen

20th Century Women provides aching look at what it means to grow up in a changing world

By Naomi Zeigler Last updated: 01/20/17 2:00pm

In 1979, it was no easier to be a young person than it is now. Using the landscape of changing politics, rock bands and a cynicism with the world, director Mike Mills’ 20th Century Women reflects on the internal conflict that comes with growth.The film follows 55-year-old single mother Dorothea (Annette Bening) and her 15-year-old son Jamie, played by newcomer Lucas Jade Zumann, as they both attempt to find happiness and meaning in the complex world of Santa Barbara, California. Feeling distant ...

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"Gilmore Girls" revival proves you can't really return home again

By Lara Jakiel Last updated: 12/09/16 5:15pm

This review contains spoilers for Gilmore Girls and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.The much-anticipated revival Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premiered on Netflix on Nov. 25, nearly ten years after the series’ finale in 2007. After creator Amy Sherman-Palladino left the original show prior to its seventh and final season, many passionate fans felt disappointed and let down by the series finale’s lack of closure. Expectations were high and fans were ready to return to Stars Hollow in this ...

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Black Mirror's Horrifying Tomorrow

By Michael Valenti Last updated: 12/09/16 2:00pm

Black Mirror, created by Charlie Brooker, depicts a horrifying version of where our society is moving to in the near future. The show turns the mirror back on society and it speaks to how social media is creating a false reality, how technology can be evil, the future of incarceration and so much more. If there is any problem with Black Mirror, it is that it covers so much and forces the audience to question nearly everything about current and future Western society. Yet, because the show has a ...

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Westworld Season 1 Finale: What Happened and What It Means

By Griffin Rowell Last updated: 12/08/16 4:27pm

HBO’s big-budget sci-fi show Westworld has finally come to the end of its first season, ultimately leaving even the most astute viewers positively puzzled, either at what the episode decided to show, or what the implications were behind it all. Long-standing questions about what the maze is, whether or not there are different timelines and what exactly Ford’s (Anthony Hopkins) endgame is, were all answered in the finale. There’s no question Westworld is intellectual and thought provoking, ...

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Review: "Seasons"

By Elisabeth Holmes Last updated: 11/28/16 3:17am

Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud's new film Seasons opened on November 25, the perfect time to be thankful for what we love and the beauty in our own lives. Though it takes a while to get there, Seasons is a call to action for viewers to protect the wilderness from decreasing any further. Humans have developed and powerfully pushed against the wilderness. This film asks us to question why we cannot allow nature to rebuild and reclaim places that were cultivated and developed by humans. Seasons ...

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