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Top shows to watch over the summer

It's the summertime, and what better thing to do than to sit back, relax and escape reality. There is some great television out there to help you do that, so let The Eagle assist in choosing the top shows to watch over the summer.

5) Game of Thrones (HBO)

How can there be such a list without mentioning one of the most popular shows? “Game of Thrones” has become such a cultural phenomenon that even people who don't watch it feel like they do. Season 7 will be its penultimate season as well as it's shortest season yet with seven episodes. This means an added amount of anticipation for a show that's finally reaching its third and final act. Now's the perfect time to catch up on the binge-worthy six seasons before the season premiere on July 16 on HBO.

4) Preacher (AMC)

Bloody, zany and brilliantly profane, “Preacher” returns for its second season on AMC. Hailing from Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Breaking Bad alum Sam Catlin, the show is based on Garth Ennis' graphic novel with the same title. The protagonist, unsurprisingly a preacher named Jessie Custer, gets possessed by a supernatural power which gives him the ability to do otherworldly things. While the first season was a sort of prequel to the graphic novel, the second season will start where the novels began, with Custer and company setting out on a road trip to find God, quite literally, somewhere on earth. Season 2 premiered on June 25.

3) Mr. Mercedes (AT&T's Audience Network)

Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, “Mr. Mercedes” is about a detective trying to find a killer who drove a stolen Mercedes into a crowd. It stars Brendan Gleeson as Detective Bill Hodges and also includes Mary Louise Parker and Kelly Lynch. David E. Kelley, ten-time Emmy winning writer and creator of great shows like “Ally McBeal”, “Boston Legal” and the recent “Big Little Lies,” serves as the showrunner. Mr. Mercedes will premiere on August 9.

2) GLOW (Netflix)

“GLOW,” also known as the “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling,” will be hard to beat as one of the best new shows of the year. From the creative team behind “Orange is the New Black,” and created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, “GLOW” follows Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie), a struggling actress who auditions for a wrestling show spearheaded by coked-up schlock-house director Sam Sylvia (Marc Maron). Not only are the performances fantastic in this show, especially from Brie and Maron, but it's also hilarious with colorful characters and some nicely-threaded social commentary. Don't miss this one, folks. “GLOW” is out now on Netflix.

1) Twin Peaks: The Return (SHOWTIME)

On April 8, 1990, 34.6 million people tuned in to ABC to see the feature length pilot of “Twin Peaks”. Advertised initially as a straightforward murder mystery in a small town, viewers slowly found themselves immersed in a world enriched with dark, mystical mythology and faux-soap unconventionality. Now, one of the best shows of all time finally escapes the Black Lodge after 25 years, with creators David Lynch and Mark Frost back to re-introduce us to that world and what happened to Special Agent Dale Cooper after that shocking Season 2 cliffhanger. The episodes that already aired were beautifully realized by Lynch, and it's safe to say there's nothing quite like this darkly comic, unnerving and fascinatingly bewildering show. Prepare yourself a cup of some good coffee, a slice of cherry pie and catch up on the first two seasons (available on Netflix) if you haven't already, as well as the prequel film, “Fire Walk With Me,” available now on SHOWTIME's streaming service.

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