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“The Vampire Diares” Recap: Get through the day


Note: The following recap contains spoilers for season six, episode 15 of “The Vampire Diaries,” entitled “Let Her Go.”

Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola, “Juno”), reeling from her mother’s sudden death, starts planning her mother’s funeral as a distraction. Amidst all the planning Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev, “Chloe”) notices that Caroline’s behavior seems a bit off and confronts her. Caroline assures Elena that she is fine, given the circumstances.

Meanwhile, Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham, “Greek”) has successfully harnessed the magic from Silas’s (Paul Wesley, “Fallen”) headstone or the “magic Canadian rock” as Bonnie calls it, and is waiting for the eclipse to come so she can go home.

Jo Parker (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, “Nash Bridges”) spends most of the episode violently vomiting. Apparently she ate bad thai food (Sure, she did, The CW. Sure, she did). Kai Parker (Chris Wood, “The Carrie Diaries”) also finds himself feeling under the weather and theorizes that because he didn’t merge with Jo he is dying a slow death. This is a problem because if Kai dies, so does his whole coven, including Jo. Kai discovers that Jo’s magic helps heal him. Jo, seeing no other way to prevent the deaths of all her coven members, gives Kai all of her magic. As a parting gift Kai tells Jo she is pregnant (Cheers!). When Jo tells Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis, “Legally Blonde”) she is pregnant, he immediately asks her to marry him. Jo initially declines because she doesn’t want them to get married because of the baby. But in a happy turn of events, Alaric reveals that he has had the rings for weeks (Double cheers!). Looks like Jo and Alaric, plus one, are going down the aisle!

Nervous that he will botch Liz Forbes’ (Marguerite MacIntyre, “Kyle XY”) eulogy, Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder, “Lost”) has flashbacks to his mother’s funeral.

Stefan confides in Damon about his kiss with Caroline. He tells Damon he doesn’t know how to “handle it.” Damon wisely tells Stefan that not all love is true love and that if what he has with Caroline isn’t the real deal, he should end it sooner than later.

Bonnie is finally done waiting and begins the ritual that will take her home. Suddenly she is 1903, in some other world with a northern lights views. In the course of minutes, Bonnie is pulled back and forth between the two worlds. Despite being pulled back and forth, Bonnie still attempts to complete the ritual that will bring her home.

The writers and producers give a proper send off to Liz. Damon’s speech is nice, but not phenomenal. During Damon’s speech Stefan realizes what a catch Caroline is. Unfortunately I think his realization distracted from the point of the scene. This scene should have been primarily about Liz, not Stefan’s love life.

Liz’s funeral concludes with Caroline singing a song to commemorate her mother. It is beautiful, only a couple seconds long, and I wish I could buy it on Itunes.

Caroline tells Elena that she is heading out and that she is fine. Elena sensing again that something is not right, follows Caroline home. She confronts Caroline and Caroline reveals that she plans to turn off her humanity. Before Elena can stop her, Caroline snaps her neck.

Stefan maturely realizes that what he has with Caroline may not be true love in the messed up sense that he has known it. But maybe this could be something better. Upon realizing this Stefan rushes to tell Caroline, only to find Elena passed out and Caroline nowhere to be found.

Damon comes home to find that Bonnie has successfully completed the ritual. She recounts her story and tells him she saw a mysterious woman right before she left. Investigation further, they watch the recording on her video camera. As they watch together, Damon sees the woman for the first time. He reveals that she is his mother. Who knows? Maybe she finally came to hear her eulogy?


*In the flashbacks Damon is comically older looking than Stefan who is played by Sawyer Bell (“Slow Wave”). I don’t think anyone realized until this scene that Damon is actually eight years older than Stefan. Side note: Damon is adorable as the caring older brother to little Stefan.

*Alaric’s (not pity!) marriage proposal to Jo just so ridiculously lovely. “At least 92 percent”.

*Damon and Bonnie’s pancake reunion! Their friendship could not be cuter.

*Caroline’s grief is so palpable. Candice Accola is a wonderful actress. During the episode, I inevitably found myself thinking about what I would do in a similar situation.

*I don’t know who chooses the music that plays on the show, but this is the second time that a song from Damien Rice’s new album has been played and I love it.

*Caroline Forbes is the best character on this show. No debate.

*This episode was far superior to arguably every other episode in the season.

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