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“The Vampire Diaries” Recap: A not-so-happy birthday


Note: The following recap contains spoilers for season six, episode 13 of “The Vampire Diaries,” entitled “The Day I Tried to Live.”

Poor Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham, “Greek”) is stuck in the prison world (an alternate plane of existence used to trap witches) on her birthday. Despite Bonnie’s predicament, Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola, “Juno”) decides to host a party for her. Amidst party planning, Caroline goes on a hunt to find a lost item of sentimental value to her and Bonnie. Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley, “Fallen”) accompanies her on the ridiculous hunt and the spark of something more is revealed between the two. Is it possible that Stefan may feel something for Caroline?

At Duke University, Enzo (Michael Malarkey, “Impirioso”) forces Matt Donovan (Zack Roerig, “Dear Me”) to help him gauge what kind of person Sarah Salvatore (Tristin Mays, “The Wedding Ringer”) is. Upon the discovery that she is a good person, Enzo reveals that he is going to insert himself into her life and corrupt her. I know that Enzo isn’t “Humanitarian of the Year” material, but I hoped for more from him.

Meanwhile, Kai Parker (Chris Wood, “The Carrie Diaries”) reveals to Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder, “Lost”) and Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev, “Chloe”) that since his bonding with his brother Luke, (Chris Brochu, “Soul Surfer”) he has been experiencing emotions. He agrees to help them make contact with Bonnie who, consumed by her loneliness, has decided she is going to kill herself. Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen, “Minutemen”) try to send a message to Bonnie, telling her to go to Nova Scotia.

Unfortunately, plans predictably don’t go according to plan. Driven by grief Liv Parker (Penelope Mitchell, “Hemlock Grove”) decides to kill Kai. Because Kai is now the leader of the Gemini coven, if he dies the entire coven dies. Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino, “The Factory”) attempts to stop her but is overpowered. Just as Jeremy and Kai are about to reach out to Bonnie, Liv stabs Kai with a fireplace poker (ouch). Liv puts up a good fit but Kai overpowers her. But, PLOT TWIST, he finds himself unable to kill her. Perhaps a part of Luke really is still alive within Kai?

Liv, unsuccessful in her attempts to kill Kai, finds Tyler to apologize. In a surprising move, Tyler breaks up with Liv. Major kudos to Tyler, who boldly tells Liv, “I’m not going to calm down. I would’ve done anything for you. And you chose death over me.”

Jeremy is still in the prison world but invisible to Bonnie. He starts to see her begin to attempt suicide. But, right at the last moment, she realizes she needs to be strong like her Grams always told her. She goes into the house and sees the message from Jeremy telling her to go to Nova Scotia. Road trip time! Likewise, Jeremy finds himself on a new journey to art school.


It seems inevitable that Stefan and Caroline will kiss in the near future. I really hope they don’t. Caroline is usually one of the more passionate characters on the show, and Stefan one of the duller. Perhaps Caroline could bring more excitement to Stefan’s character, but overall I think they would be better off as friends. Not everyone on this show has to date. There is some major friend-cest going on in this circle of friends.

It seems strange that Jeremy is off to art school, just as Bonnie is about to (hopefully) return. I also questions if Jeremy’s departure will actually be permanent. The last time Jeremy left Mystic Falls, he returned not soon after.

In the fandom universe there is a new couple name for Damon and Elena, called “Dullena”. I’ve always been a Damon/Elena fan, so it’s unfortunate that I agree with this couple name. Elena questioned once again whether or not she should be with Damon. And once again, she came to the right conclusion and again, made out with Damon to a syrup-y tune. I would love to see something new from couple. I think they have the potential to be a power couple on the show, but Elena needs to stop second guessing her relationship with Damon. And Damon needs to stop looking like a sad puppy dog.


*Damon’s fireplace grenade.

*Begrudgingly, I will admit that Stefan and Caroline’s ‘fight’ in the woods was kind of cute. But only in a solely platonic way!

*The Bonnie and Damon scenes we see through Bonnie’s camera. I miss the Bonnie and Damon ‘bromance.’ Their friendship was one of the best new things on the show. I hope once Bonnie is back, the producers will continue that friendship.

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