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"The Vampire Diaries" Recap: Kidnapping and betrayal


Note: The following recap contains spoilers for season six, episode 11 of “The Vampire Diaries,” entitled “Woke Up With a Monster.”

The second half of the sixth season of “The Vampire Diaries” starts with Kai Parker (Chris Wood, “The Carrie Diaries”) kidnapping Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev, “Chloe”). Elena’s kidnapping comes at quite the inopportune time for “Delena” fans: Elena and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder, “Lost”) were, after half a season of separation (literal and metaphorical), about to reconnect. Kai reveals that he plans to use Elena to hone his skills with magic. Unfortunately, this means acidic blood and burst capillaries for Elena.

Jo Parker (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, “Nash Bridges”) and Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis, “Legally Blonde”), both unaware of Elena’s kidnapping, work on making Jo strong enough to beat Kai upon merging with him.. This proves challenging, since Jo hasn’t practiced magic since she was a teenager. Her powers are put to the test when Elena manages to contact Damon and reveals that Kai has kidnapped her.

It becomes apparent that the only way to get Elena back will be to have Jo accompany Damon and perform a cloaking spell. They successfully reach Elena, but her daylight ring was destroyed (this is how vampires walk in the daylight in the “Vampire Diaries” universe), and so they create tunnels to aid their escape. The cloaking spell proves to difficult to maintain, and Kai, in his usual mocking fashion, shows up on the scene. After a showdown that ends with Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen, “Minutemen”) bursting in, crossbow in hand, victory is at least momentarily theirs.

Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola, “Juno”) and Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley, “Fallen”) spend the episode traveling to Duke University, trying to find a more promising plan of treatment for her mother, Liz Forbes’ (Marguerite MacIntyre, “Kyle XY”) cancer. Stefan, however, has a slightly different motive: visiting his great-niece, Sarah Salvatore (Tristin Mays, “The Wedding Ringer”).

Enzo (Michael Malarkey, “Impirioso”) follows Stefan to Sarah’s art show and threatens him (yawn). Despite Enzo’s boring mission to enact revenge upon Stefan, it is clear that his plans will be a big plot point in upcoming episodes. While Enzo and Stefan bicker, Caroline experiments with feeding a cancer patient her blood, in the hopes of helping her mother. She is elated to find that it appears to heal the patient.

The episode ends with Luke Parker (Chris Brochu, “Soul Surfer”) making an important decision regarding his potential merging with Liv Parker (Penelope Mitchell, “Hemlock Grove”) and an ominous foreshadowing of Liz’s future.

The second half of the sixth season looks more promising. However, I still think that Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino, “The Factory”) is essentially useless to the plotline and should be killed off. Also, as always, Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan, “Immortals”) should return from the CW’s “The Originals” and get together with Caroline, because OTP (One True Pair).

Highlights and thoughts:

*Jeremy's abs… It had to be said.

* Stefan: “Maybe I’ll give you a ride. I was thinking of heading that way to check on a friend.” Caroline: “A friend? Stefan, I know all of your friends: Elena, me…. And that’s it.” Score one for Caroline. Stefan is a horrible liar.

*The Delena moment after Damon accidentally stabs Elena. Whoops!

*The last scene with Caroline and her mom was heartbreaking. Tissues, please!

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