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“Parks and Recreation” Recap: Gryzzl, JJ’s, and Treat Yo Self 2017, oh my!


Note: The following recap contains spoilers for season seven, episodes five and six of “Parks and Recreation,” entitled “Gryzzlbox” and “Save JJ’s.”

It’s 2017 and it’s no longer the NSA watching you - it’s Gryzzl, the social media company that has been the talk of Pawnee on this season of “Parks.” This time, a way to take Gryzzl down came to Leslie Knope, (Amy Poehler, “Mean Girls”) in the form of a robot that delivered a package, courtesy of Gryzzl. How did Gryzzl know that Leslie wanted a poster of the Supreme Court judges sipping on the milkshakes from the “Friends” poster? Data-mining.

Meanwhile, April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza, “Safety Not Guaranteed”) wreaks havoc on the Parks and Recreation department, stressing out Craig Middlebrooks (Bill Eichner, “New Girl”) Craig finally tells April how it is - that’s she’s super lucky to have Leslie as her mentor.

In an attempt to distract himself from his own relationship status, Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari, “Bob’s Burgers”) helps sort out Andy Dwyer’s (Chris Pratt, “Guardians of the Galaxy”) contract for his successful show based on the character Johnny Karate.

To add insult to injury, Gryzzl upped its offer for the Newport land to $125 million dollars, and the Newports took it without hesitation. And - JJ’s Diner is closing! Thigh Gap, LLC bought them out without even letting JJ’s make a counteroffer. And who owns such a horrendous-sounding company? Dennis Feinstein, (Jason Mantzoukas, “The Dictator”) of course.

Leslie (and not to mention Ron) uncover the plan, and gets Gryzzl to buy a rundown part of Pawnee and fix it up to be their new campus. Leslie gets the land back. And JJ’s Diner is saved, because Leslie convinced Roscoe Santangelo, (Jorma Taccone, “Girls”) Gryzzl’s vice president of Cool New Shizz, to buy the misnomer Beachview Terrace and renew it, so that JJ can buy property there and be in an area that people no longer avoid like the plague. As for the Newport land, Leslie tells them they should donate it to the National Parks Service, which will be perfect for Gryzzl. Gryzzl will get a ton of tax breaks, and it will be good PR for them after their little spying and privacy disaster. Like anyone would have ever doubted Leslie’s abilities...

Stray thoughts…


*Ron redeemed himself for the comment, “Is Star Wars the one with the little wizard boy?” by shooting one of the Gryzzl robots out of the sky.

*Jonathan Karate takes on Voldemort Putin of Russia.

*”Wow, paper! Super throwback!”


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