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“Red Band Society” Recap: Charlie wakes


Finally, after weeks of heartbreaking plotlines, some happy news comes to “Red Band Society” tonight. Although he remains minimally responsive, Charlie (Griffin Gluck, “Private Practice”) is awake!

Everyone, especially Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer, “The Help”), cannot contain their excitement. If Charlie continues to progress, he can stay at Ocean Park hospital.

Charlie has not regained the ability to speak, but he is able to respond by blinking his eyes. The gang plans for some special visual surprises for Charlie to enjoy. These include pizza, an origami mobile and, yes, even boobs (Dash’s (Astro, “The X Factor”) idea). To check all of these items off their list, Dash, Leo (Charlie Rowe, “Neverland”), Emma (Ciara Bravo, “Big Time Rush”) and Jordi (Nolan Sotillo, “Prom”) somehow all sneak out of the hospital and head into the city.

First stop? Why, the strip club, of course! I don’t know much about strip clubs, but I doubt one must physically go to the club to solicit their service. The rules may change if the striptease is for a hospital patient, however. I’ll have to do some research.

In the beginning of the season, I had a hard time comparing Emma’s anorexia with Leo’s cancer. Lumping those two diseases together didn’t seem right. Yet, as the show develops its characters more, it becomes apparent just how mentally antagonizing anorexia feels to Emma. While Leo lost his leg to cancer, he had no control over the disease spreading. Emma is the only one who can tame the beast that controls her physical and mental being without the help of medication.

Kara (Zoe Levin, “Palo Alto”) feels threatened by a pretty woman who visits Hunter (Daren Kagasoff, “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”) in the hospital. Turns out, it’s only his sister. Her arrival at the hospital gives us a slight look at the real bad boy, but not much. We learn Hunter’s younger brother passed away after being in a coma and that he continues to refuse his sister’s offer of her liver. After Hunter opens up to Kara, the two rebels of the group finally stop pretending to hate each other and have a steamy scene on the rooftop of the hospital. Who knew such a location could be romantic?

Next week’s fall Finale promises to bring us more cheesy one-liners, nonsensical plotlines, love triangles and possibly even tears. I’ll definitely be tuning in.

Observations/things worth chuckling about:

* The worst simile of the season happened tonight after Dash compared his sick lungs to a Channing Tatum movie. “Dude. My lungs are like “21 Jump Street” right now. Undercover and hating on each other.”

*The bouncer at the strip club, a medical student at UCLA, denied the boy’s admittance and completely called out Leo for using his cancer as a reason to see women pole dancing. It was awesome.

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