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“The Mindy Project” Recap: When Taxes Attack



Note: The following post contains spoilers for Season Three, Episode Three of “The Mindy Project,” entitled “Crimes and Misdemeanors and Ex-BFs.”

Last night’s “The Mindy Project” was a bit more physically tame than last week’s showdown between Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling, “The Office”) and her boyfriend, Danny Castellano’s (Chris Messina, Made of Honor) ma, Annette (Rhea Pearlman, “Cheers”).

However, the hijinks didn’t disappoint! Mindy and Danny fight over Mindy leaving a toothbrush/brush/general “girl” stuff at his apartment, while Mindy learns that she hasn’t paid her taxes in six years. In danger of losing Shulman and Associates, Mindy turns to the only lawyer she knows: ex-boyfriend Cliff Gilbert (Glenn Howerton, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”). Cliff only agrees to help Mindy when she lies about her and Danny being broken up. Cliff discovers that Mindy is lying, but tells her that Danny is still married to his ex-wife, despite being annulled from her.

Peter Prentice (Adam Pally, “Happy Endings”) continues to struggle with the aftermath of Jeremy Reed (Ed Weeks, “The IT Crowd”) kissing Lauren (Tracy Wigfield, “30 Rock”). Lauren decides to “put a pin” in her relationship with both of them, until Peter attempts to have Jeremy deported back to England. Lauren resumes her relationship with Jeremy because she felt sad he might be leaving.

Cliff helps Danny with his divorce (in exchange for an original seat from Yankee Stadium, which Cliff intends to burn – he’s a Red Sox fan!) and Danny buys Mindy her own pink nightstand to keep her girly things in. All is right with the world, and “The Mindy Project” delivered yet another sweet, clever episode.

I know I wrote about missing Morgan Tookers (Ike Barinholtz, “The League”) last week, and I still feel he should be given more to do. This week’s B-plot with Peter and Jeremy delivered some funny moments, but still felt weak and underdeveloped. Mindy and Danny’s relationship remains better than ever, withstanding tougher tests each week. I’m excited (and also a little scared) to see their first real big fight, and the repercussions that follow.

Laugh-out-loud moments of the week:

*Mindy, on Danny’s apartment: “This place is tidy like a serial killer’s lair.”

*Danny’s red glasses, never go away.

*Danny tells Mindy to get into the bedroom. “To watch “JAG” and fold socks.” If I told you I didn’t swoon at this a little bit, I’d be lying.

*Brendan Deslaurier (Mark Duplass, “The League”) is back! Only for one scene, but it was worth it since he called Cliff “Heathcliff.”

*I had to pause this episode twice because I was laughing so hard. First, when Danny wanted Mindy to dress up as Frenchie from Grease. And secondly, when Peter was imitating Jeremy’s British accent using every bad British accent from pop culture.

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