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“The Mindy Project” Recap: New tricks, new scrubs, no eyebrows



Warning: This post contains spoilers for season three, episode four of “The Mindy Project,” entitled “I Slipped.”

Witnessing the evolution of Dr. Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling, “The Office”) and Dr. Danny Castellano’s (Chris Messina, “The Newsroom”) relationship continues to be the most entertaining facet of “The Mindy Project.” And, as real life relationships evolve in all areas, so must fictional ones.

Put simply and cryptically, Danny and Mindy face issues in the bedroom in this episode. Because this is a college publication, I will not be delving into their specific bedroom issue, but I invite you to read other recaps in which more telling euphemisms will surely be used.

Dr. Jeremy Reed (Ed Weeks, “The IT Crowd”) continues to struggle with lasting ostracization from his coworkers, thanks to his incident with Lauren (Tracy Wigfield, “30 Rock”). The nurses and office staff all side with Dr. Peter Prentice, (Adam Pally, “Happy Endings”) utilizing the hashtag #TeamPeter.

Mindy turns to Morgan Tookers (Ike Barinholtz, “MADtv”) for help with her Danny situation. Morgan earned his nurse practitioner’s license, so he prescribes Mindy a sedative to relax her during her next Danny encounter.

Morgan also attempts to broker a truce between Jeremy and Peter at a dinner which ends with Peter’s eyebrows getting burned off.

Mindy takes the sedative but ends up in the hospital, where she and Danny agree to be more honest with each other’s needs in bed. The rest of the office gathers, and Jeremy and Peter present Morgan with newly embroidered (but sadly, misspelled) scrubs to commemorate his promotion and their friendship.

And they all lived happily ever after! No, it’s only episode four. I’m sure “The Mindy Project” will return next week with more drama (and hopefully more discussion of the fact that Mindy doesn’t know who Hillary Clinton is). This was a tough recap to write, and I’m sure it was an even tougher episode to write. High-fives, knowing glances and snaps to the “Mindy Project” writers who used every euphemism, innuendo and piece of vague terminology to get this episode past the network AND still convey the exact message/action with humor and grace. This episode was brave, awkward, hilarious and cute, which is everything an episode of “The Mindy Project” should be.

More on what I loved tonight…

*I’m also #HashtagTeamPeter. For shame, Jeremy. And for the record, I am still laughing at Peter’s Jeremy impression from last week’s episode.

*Mindy’s most prized possession is her signed photo of Kris Jenner. And it’s locked behind glass.

*”Oh, cookie dough, please solve my problems!” SAME, Mindy. #Midterms, am I right?

*I can’t imagine what the deleted scenes/bloopers of the “Dr. Peter Prentice’s Banging in Bed Booty Camp” look like.

*Morgan pronounces “etc.” “et-ka, et-ka, et-ka.”

*Mindy texts Morgan while under the influence of the sedative that they should go on vacation together. Morgan’s reply: “Me cry now joy!”

*Mindy tells Danny that he doesn’t need to “clear her” with God, because God is obsessed with her. That has to be true.

Tune in to “The Mindy Project” on Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on Fox.

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