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"Red Band Society" Recap: Coming home



Note: This post contains spoilers for season one, episode four of “Red Band Society,” entitled “There’s No Place Like Homecoming.”

This week’s episode of “Red Band Society” makes us relive the horror and anxiety of high school dances when Kara (Zoe Levin, “Palo Alto”) successfully convinces Nurse Jackson (Octavia Spencer, “The Help”) to let her attend homecoming. Instead of being greeted by the same clique of mean girls she left, Kara becomes the center of a major pity fest.

Kara, Emma (Ciara Bravo, “Big Time Rush”) and Nurse Dobler (Rebecca Rittenhouse, “The Affair”) leave the hospital grounds for a night of fun and normalcy. For Kara, it becomes a night to remind her peers that she’s still the hottest girl in school, with or without a working heart. As soon as the trio arrive at the high school gymnasium, Kara falls back into her cool-girl role seamlessly when she abandons Emma at the doors.

Dash (Astro, “The X Factor”) and Jordi(Nolan Sotillo, “Prom”) attempt to act like normal teenagers by going to a movie. While the doctors never allow Jordi to leave the hospital in his serious condition, Jordi’s mother (Catalina Sandino Moreno, “Maria Full of Grace”) thinks it would be best if he had some fun. When Dr. McAndrew (Dave Annable, “Brothers & Sisters”) finds out, he’s outraged, but only for a moment. He can’t stay angry at his one-night stand for too long. However, McAndrew’s worry was legitimate because Jordi faints in the lobby of the movie theater, jumbo-sized popcorn in hand.

Although it appeared as if the relationship between Jordi and his mother was on the mend, the intensity of Jordi’s disease becomes too much for his mother to handle. At the end of the episode, Jordi sees Dr. McAndrew running after Jordi’s mother. A taxi cab pulls up, she gets in, and just like that, Jordi is abandoned again.

Before the show gets cancelled (which might be soon), I hope Jordi finds someone to call family because each time he comes on screen, my heart breaks for him. His character is the only one I feel anything for other than just annoyance.

That being said, I have little faith this show will last much longer. It’s formulaic plot and cheesy lines induce more eye-rolls than laughs or tears. It’s like a Disney Channel Original Movie every week. Which, depending on your opinion, could be a very bad or a very good thing.

Observations/things worth chuckling about:

*Points go to Dash this week for inappropriately yet creatively calling Emma’s love-triangle problem to “Cancer Bachelor.”

  • The horrifyingly bad dancing at homecoming made me smile and reminded me that bad dancers just like me still exist.

*Kara dramatically kissing Leo on the stage after he renounces her nomination as Homecoming Queen was the only part of the show that I didn’t expect.

Tune in to “Red Band Society” on Wednesdays at 9 p.m on FOX.

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