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Sunday, June 23, 2024
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From: The Scene Blog

5 items you need in your college closet

5 items you need in your college closet

A great blazer can take you far!

There's no doubt that at AU, the stereotype of college students walking around campus in pajamas is pretty much busted. When I first came to this school, I was pretty excited to walk into class in an outfit I could have rolled out of bed in. I soon came to find that pretty much everyone here has an excellent fashion sense, and they display it well. I was never really that into fashion, so it defnitely felt like there was a lot of pressure to look good everyday. Now as a rising junior, I've come to discover that you don't need 500 fabulous pieces of clothing in your closet and you don't have to feel uncomfortable if you're not that into dressing up everyday. 

Here are five articles of clothing to have in your closet to make you feel trendy and put-together without sacrificing comfort or having to put a ton of thought into an outfit.

1. A few of those cute dresses that make you feel fabulous

It may seem fairly obvious that dresses are stylish without a lot, or any, effort. But this point can’t be emphasized enough. The amount of times I’ve woken up late and thrown on a dress to make it to class on time is pretty ridiculous. But on those days when I wear dresses, carefully planned or not, have been some of my most confident days. Make sure to buy some dresses with sleeves so you can wear them when autumn rolls around -- you’d be surprised at how chilly D.C. gets. Don’t forget to get some in bright colors and fun patterns, whatever makes you feel great!

2. A sweater that goes with anything

Especially on cool days, or when the air conditioning is blowing in the classrooms, there’s nothing better than having a cuddly warm sweater on. If you buy neutral colors that go well with a lot of the patterns in your wardrobe, you can wear it with all different types of outfits. For example, if you’re in the mood to wear leggings and a tank top, a comfy sweater would pair perfectly; if you’re wearing jeans and a lace shirt, it would go with that as well. If you have something like that in your closet, then you will be prepared for whatever weather D.C. brings around and the fluctuating temperatures in the classrooms.

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3. A blazer that can dress up any outfit

In a lot of classes, there are days where you have to give presentations and you will find yourself required to wear business professional or business casual. When I came to college, I hardly had any business clothes, and cocktail dresses weren’t going to cut it. Along with investing in nice dress pants and some button down shirts -- getting them in a few different colors is always fun -- a blazer is a must. With a blazer, you can dress up any outfit, and it has the amazing effect of immediately making you feel more professional and put together. Some say “dress well, test well,” and a blazer can help you feel the part when giving a professional presentation in any class. Plus, it will be super helpful when you’re interviewing for jobs and internships, and you want to look presentable.

4. A pair of go-to flats and/or sandals

I know a lot of people love shoes and have tons of them littered on the floor of their closets, or even perfectly organized on racks. I, however, am not one of those people. I have my few favorite pairs of shoes that I wear, and that’s about it. If you’re like me, and don’t have tons of shoe options when putting an outfit together, then finding a quality, comfortable, and durable pair of sandals and/or flats is a must. Along with all the casual shoes that we wear on a day to day basis, having some comfortable shoes that are also fashionable and more formal is important. You’d be surprised how often you find yourself in need of nice shoes, or dress shoes, in college. Having some flats or sandals, or whatever kind of formal shoe you want, makes the stress of dressing nicely a lot less overwhelming. The best part: if you want or have to be more dressed up one day, then you won’t have to worry and agonize over your feet hurting all day.

Important note, while on the topic of shoes: EVERYONE should have a pair of snow boots when they come to college. Even though D.C. is considered “southern” by some people, and it’s brutally hot in the summer, it does indeed snow, and you want to be prepared for that. I got my feet and shoes drenched and freezing a lot during the winter before I finally wisened up and bought a pair of snow boots. P.S. -- rain boots are also a solid idea.

5. Scarves and other accessories

I am not one for a lot of add-ons to outfits. I didn’t really wear fashionable scarves, or have on lots of fun jewelry. But as I went through my first few years of college, I found that I wanted to be more bold and try some fun additions to my standard shirt and pants get-up. I quickly discovered that it made outfits seem more complex and allowed me to add splashes of color or a bit of bling without going overboard. I found that I didn’t necessarily have to wear ornate or dressed up clothes for the accessories to go with the outfit. Definitely invest in a few scarves and possibly some bracelets, rings, earrings -- whatever makes you happy.

So, be bold, be fashionable, be comfortable and take college by storm!

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