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Jane the Virgin Season Finale Review

Season Two Finale Air Date: 5/16/16

WARNING: Major Spoilers

Season one of the CW’s Jane the Virgin ended with Jane’s newborn son going missing thanks to Sin Rostro, the despicable crime lord we all know and loathe. That being said, it’s no surprise season two’s finale was sure to have audience members on the edge of their seats with their mouths open in shock. Or at least, that’s what it was like for me.

As with countless other TV series, season two ends with the big wedding everyone’s been waiting for. The fact that Jane is marrying someone shows that her rollercoaster ride of ambivalence has finally come to an end, with Michael being the one waiting to go explore the rest of the park with her. And for someone who had started out strong as Team Rafael, I’m actually pretty okay with this.

Over the course of season two and this episode in particular, Michael had pretty amazing moments. He and Jane had a little spat about financial issues, and while Jane had already begun to second guess the wedding (which had me praying she wouldn't cancel because let's face it, three times is NOT the charm here), Michael quickly fixed the problem in a way that was absolutely perfect for Jane: by making a list. And it doesn’t end there.

The biggest swoon moment of the season finale was when Michael recited his wedding vows in Spanish. Like seriously, could you get any better than that? Doing this shows that he absolutely knows and respects where her family comes from. He understands that they have such a major impact on her life, and he’s willing to do anything to be a part of it as well, even if he comes from a different background and is a Villanueva newbie. Don’t you just love interracial dating? *Sighs*

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And don't even get me started on the snow globe. Yeah, to be honest it was just a bit too cheesy for me. Nonetheless, its significance was positively superb, especially when Michael gets shot at the end of the episode as the snowglobe falls and shatters to the ground. This leads to the great question: is he dead?! With the way Sin Rostro somehow managed to still be alive, I wouldn't be surprised if this was another gimmick they want us to fall for. I have to say, the snowglobe does the trick.

So in one corner you have Michael the Great, while on the other you have Raf the...Persistent? I don't know what is with these characters and their inability to move on, but frankly it's getting really tiresome. I loved Rafael at the beginning of season one - who didn’t? I practically had to hit pause every time he smiled just so I could give myself a couple of minutes to fangirl and recompose myself. But that was ages ago, and at this point, Raf’s romantic relationship with Jane has already sailed, and it’s about time he moved on too. Which is why when he decided to tell Jane about his feelings for her MINUTES BEFORE SHE WALKED DOWN THE AISLE, I sat screaming at my TV screen begging for it to be all in his head and thank god it was! We all know he’s in love with the idea of raising a family with Jane, but there was no need to be a pathetic homewrecker in the process. I give points to the writers on that one.

But of course, the entire episode wasn't solely based on the Michael/Jane/Rafael love triangle. In fact, most of the episode was pretty lighthearted with the wedding being pretty much perfect, from Bruno Mars’s smooth performance of “Rest of My Life” to Jane and Rogelio’s fun father daughter dance. Sure, Jane was a few minutes late to her wedding, and yeah, the priest possibly dealt with a concussion after banging his head during rehearsal thanks to a newly mobile Mateo. But that's the thing; if you can see past those little imperfect moments, you realize you don’t have to let them take away from the beauty of the overall experience.

I must admit, I did get a little suspicious of how fast some things were being resolved. I did not expect Rogelio to find out about Xo’s night with Estaban so soon. I also did not expect for them to come back to close terms by the end of the episode. I mean, this is his nemesis here! It could've taken a lot longer. But of course, the writers had to speed things along to fit in every jaw dropping moment in the last ten minutes. By the end of the episode, the evil rat that is Anezka “petrifies” her sister Petra and sleeps with Raf as a part of her year long plan with their mother Magda. Xo is pregnant with Esteban's baby (keep in mind Rogelio actually wants kids. Xo doesn't). Apparently Sin Rostro isn’t dead and the hackneyed Luisa/Rose relationship ensues after she shoots poor Michael, just before he and Jane are about to, ahem, consummate their marriage.

I honestly have no idea how anyone still checks in at the Marbella when it clearly resembles a haunted house with murderers every few months. So much baggage not even a bellhop can help them out, sheesh.

Overall, I'd give the season finale of Jane the Virgin an A+. It fattened me up like a pig with all the fluffy warmhearted moments in the beginning only to lead me to the slaughterhouse by the very end. Awful as that sounds, that’s how it should be: fun to watch, but still able to keep me on my toes. The wedding was great, as well as many of the plot twists. I'm excited to find out how Petra gets out of her predicament this time, whether or not Michael is dead (oh god I really hope Raf doesn't enjoy this), and whether or not Xo decides to keep the baby. Sounds like season three is sure to be muy fabuloso!

If you’re a fan of the drama that comes with telenovelas or daytime soap operas mixed with a lot more laughs, definitely tune into Jane the Virgin. It’s the perfect combination of craftiness, hilarity and fun. Be sure to catch up this summer before the season three premiere!

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