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Friday, April 19, 2024
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From: The Scene Blog

A girl’s quick guide about what to wear to an internship

Congratulations! You’ve just landed an amazing internship. But as indecisive as you are about what to wear on a regular school day, you’re probably freaking out about what to wear in a work environment without ending up looking like a grandma. Hanging around a bunch of professional lawyers, journalists or businessmen can be nerve wrecking as it is, so here are some quick tips on how to look super cute and professional at the same time:

Stick to your neutrals.

Neutrals are a great way to remain professional in a work environment. Bright colors, sequences and patterns are a distraction to everyone around you and make you stand out from the crowd (in a bad way). Neutrals are also a great idea because they’re easy to mix and match with. You can pair anything with a white button down shirt, grey pants or a navy blazer.


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You can never go wrong with a button down shirt and dress pants.

Button down shirts and dress pants are items that everyone should own by the time they get to college. Together they’re a nice simple outfit to wear to work, but also something you can wear to other interviews, alumni networking events and career fairs.


Blazers are a staple in every work environment.

A blazer is a piece of clothing that can instantly make you a professional. Blazers embody someone who is well put together and hardworking. Whether you’re at a law or marketing firm, working in HR or even at a casual office, blazers are a necessity.


Colors can also be fun!

Don’t let me bore you, if colors are a big part of your style and personality, wear them! Colors can be a great way to brighten up your mood on a bad or mundane day and they can work in a professional setting if you wear them the right way. Here’s a tip: only pick one article of clothing that is colorful. The rest of the outfit should be neutral to tone down the colors.


Dress appropriately.

Dressing appropriately is key to making yourself look like a well put together adult. That means no low cut shirts, miniskirts or sleeveless tops. Whether you’ll be meeting with clients for your boss, sitting in on important meetings or talking with people that are respected in their field, you want to make sure that the focus is not on the wrong thing.


Leave the six inch, strappy heels at the club.

Heels help women look powerful in the work environment, but they can also look a little inappropriate if you wear the wrong ones. Bright, sequined, open-toed or strappy heels should be worn to clubs or a night out with friends, not a professional work environment. Flats are always a great substitute if you can’t decide whether a pair of heels is questionable or if you know you’re going to be running around getting coffee all day. Stick to simple, neutral colored pumps that aren’t higher than four inches. Trust me, your feet will thank you.


Don’t go overboard with jewelry, make up or hair.

Just like your outfit, your hair and accessories should also be simple. Keep your hair out of your face by putting it up into a ponytail or a cute bun. Keep your jewelry simple by wearing a nice watch or some stud earrings. Nothing should be flashy or noisy. Keep your makeup subtle by only applying eyeliner on the top lid, dabbing a bit of blush and a nude colored lipstick. Stay away from anything glittery or super dark.


Dress like who you are, but remember that you’re an adult.

The way that you dress is an expression of who you are and you shouldn’t let anything change that. If you see a cute pink colored top, don’t think you can’t wear it to work because it’s pink. There aren’t any strict rules to dressing for an internship or a job. It’s mostly a learn-as-you-go process and something you learn by observing others. Have fun, but remember that you’re now an adult. Save the fun college outfits for campus.


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