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Why Kanye’s latest album title change makes no sense

Kanye West practically broke Twitter two days ago.

After West announced that his album “Swish” will now be called “Waves,” fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa essentially tweeted that West ripped off Max B. According to Khalifa, Max B created “the wave,” and that “there is no wave without him.” I honestly have no idea what that means. Then, Khalifa tweeted this:

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Then all hell broke loose. West thought that “KK” stood for Kim Kardashian, and then went on the Twitter rant of all Twitter rants, dissing Khalifa in 17 tweets. I know this because he actually numbered each of his tweets. Can you imagine saying “first of all, second of all… seventeenth of all?” Maybe Taylor Swift could, but I can’t.

Among the insults West flung at Khalifa, some notable gems included:

- That his single was corny (referring to “Work Hard, Play Hard”)
- That he stole his “shit” from Cudi (referring to rapper Kid Cudi)
- That he wouldn’t have a child if it wasn’t for him (Khalifa’s ex wife, Amber Rose, dated Kanye)
- That nobody listens to his albums all the way through
- That Kanye is his “OG” and will be respected as such

Turns out “KK” does not stand for his Kardashian wife. In fact, “KK” is  an acronym for weed. So in essence, West made a fool out of himself on Twitter, and he came at Khalifa a lot harder than he should have. As usual, West has no chill.

This is why I’m disappointed with the name change of the album. Again, West has no chill. We all know this. He’s one of the most volatile artists hip-hop has ever seen. So why would he change his album title to “Waves?”

When I think of waves, I think of sitting on the beach, watching the waves roll in with the tide. The sound of a wave rising and falling has to be one of the most calming sounds of all time. People listen to sounds of the ocean in order to relax and calm their nerves. There is nothing calming about West.

West already had an amazing name for his album -- Swish. Swwwisssshhhh. Just say it out loud. It’s everything that you want from him. It’s who he is. Swish is arrogant. Swish is declarative. It’s the perfect title for his album. It also throws shade at Nike as well, and considering West’s past with Nike, this makes the title even better. It’s too bad the project is called “Waves” now. I feel like Kanye played it safe with that title, and it definitely isn’t as original.

Don’t get me wrong, his project will still be incredible, and I can’t wait to hear it. I’m just disappointed in Kanye West. He made a fool out of himself on Twitter, and changed his album title from possibly the greatest title that I have ever seen for a rap album to a generic title that doesn’t quite fit him.

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