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Rejoice: “The X-Files” will return

Fox Broadcasting Company, Wikimedia Commons.

Fellow X-philes, entertainment fans, and apathetic readers alike, it’s official: “The X-Files” is making a comeback.

To say that I’m “happy” about the series’ revival would be a cosmic understatement. I am thrilled beyond measure. Even if you’re not a fan of “The X-Files” in particular, the revival demonstrates the potential for other fan favorites to return to television years after their original airing, to again showcase the best the show has to offer (hopefully).

But what makes “The X-Files” revival so special? Well, no other cult show has become such a massive hit, nor has a drama so easily and strongly defined a network in its nascence. FOX was defined by the success of its programming in the 90s, primarily by a little animated show called “The Simpsons,” and of course, two ridiculously attractive FBI agents fumbling around in the dark on “The X-Files.”

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What other “cult” show became so big that it launched two spinoffs and two summer blockbusters? The first “X-Files” movie was both a critical and commercial success, while the second installment, “I Want To Believe” was considered a commercial and critical failure, and a disappointment to most fans.

Could any show on television today sustain this much content? Sure, “Breaking Bad” cultivated as much fan and critical success and now has its own spinoff “Better Call Saul.” And it’s notable that creator Vince Gilligan was a writer on “The X-Files” and initially found star Bryan Cranston through his season six episode, entitled “Drive.” But it’s difficult to think that any network show could have as much success as “The X-Files” did, with its drastic ups and downs in viewership, popularity and Internet influence.

Now, with the news of the six episode television event, and the return of creator Chris Carter and stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, the series lives on. The legacy of “The X-Files” continues to dominate television and media and will perhaps inspire another generation to join Mulder and Scully on their seemingly endless quest. I hope that this is the case, as I haven’t encountered many college students or young adults who share my passion for the franchise. Propelled by the revival news, I would love to see my Twitter feed filled with tweets of my peers binge-watching “The X-Files,” learning the behind-the-scenes stories, interacting with fellow fans, (including actor Kumail Nanjiani, whose excellent podcast “The X-Files Files” breaks down episodes with special guest stars) and sharing in the joy of this incredible piece of pop culture.

Although there’s always the danger that in resurrecting shows or franchises that the new installment cannot live up to the prestige or success of the original, I want to believe (always using this quote when writing about “The X-Files”) that “The X-Files” revival will be the best representation of the show’s mystery, storytelling and chemistry that it can possibly be.

And, it’s just an added bonus that in the mean time, Duchovny and Anderson’s other shows, “Aquarius” and “Hannibal” will be on NBC on the same night this coming summer, when “The X-Files” will begin production. Although technically the next big “X-Files” year was to be 2012, 2015 is looking much bigger and better. I leave you with this “X-Files” moment that made my stomach drop when I first heard it. Fingers crossed one of the new episodes is just Mulder and Scully getting married!

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