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“The Blacklist" Recap: Not so silent auction


Note: The following post contains spoilers for “The Blacklist” season two, episode 14, entitled “T. Earl King VI.”

To catch up us feeble viewers, the opening 10 minutes of “T. Earl King VI” previews all plots and subplots of “The Blacklist.” Assistant Director Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix, “Man of Steel”) is being blackmailed by the attorney general, Tom Connolly (Reed Birney, “Changeling.”). Tom Keen, (Ryan Eggold, “90210”) ex-husband of Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone, “My Bloody Valentine”), craves a new assignment from his bosses, who had previously ordered him to spy on/marry/completely betray Liz.

Criminal-mastermind-who-apparently-isn’t-as-smart-as-he-thinks-he-is Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader, “Pretty in Pink”) is abducted by the notorious King family, a dynasty of curator-thieves who hold auctions for everything elite from stolen art to human beings. Reddington rejected an exclusive invitation to one of the King auctions in the past, and now the King brothers are competing to “win” the rest of the family fortune, in vague, rich, evil people terms.

Liz Keen goes undercover as a representative of a client who is invested in the auction, seeking a Van Gogh painting. Just before she leaves, Tom calls her and the two share a tender moment about going undercover, since Tom is also “going away for a while.” So romantic, because Tom was undercover for years while lying to and manipulating Liz the entire time! He’ll be back.

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Liz attends the auction and after some pretend-bantering with Reddington, tries to bid for him The King family figures out that Liz is not the person she’s impersonating, while Reddington tries to distract the rest of the auction.

While trying to escape and save Reddington, Liz rescues a young boy named Vincent Peretti (Matthew Miniero, “Blue Bloods”) who was also up for auction. The King family deliberates on how to handle the Reddington situation, as Peretti runs out of the auction to alert the FBI. Liz interrupts Reddington’s would-be execution and the pair confront the King family while the FBI team storms in to arrest the Kings and free the remaining hostages from the auction.

Reddington scolds Liz for trying to save him, but everyone survives and is securely returned to their normal identities. Meanwhile, Tom gets into a bar fight (German translation needed) in Germany, now going by the name of Christof Manheim. What does it all mean, “The Blacklist?” More importantly, when will get another fulcrum-focused episode? And most importantly, when will Tom’s hair and normcore glasses be back?

Stray thoughts…

*Ah, nothing like Russian Roulette to kick off an episode of Thursday night TV!

*Does the FBI really have a “known tattoo database?”

*The coat Liz wears while undercover is amazing, and kind of Olivia Pope-esque. I see what you’re doing, “The Blacklist,” but you can never be “Scandal,” or beat it in the ratings.

*A MILLION POINTS FOR USING THIS COVER OF “MAJOR TOM” AS TOM TRANSFORMS INTO A GERMAN. Caps lock was necessary. Look up the fascinating history of copyright law and David Bowie’s “Space Oddity!”

*The mom from “Fifty Shades of Grey” (Jennifer Ehle) appeared tonight during Reddington’s abduction. After my extensive coverage here at The Eagle, I can’t escape the shadow of “Fifty Shades.”

*I hate-watch the impassioned speeches between Liz and Reddington in the last five minutes because they are so soapy and charged. Okay, I secretly love them.

Tune in to “The Blacklist,” Thursdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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