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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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From: The Scene Blog

“Christina Milian Turned Up” Recap: The family revealed


The last time we saw Christina Milian, she was divorcing rapper The-Dream and dealing with the reality of being a single mother to her daughter, Violet, from their marriage. She’s also currently dating Lil Wayne. Either way, her relevance hasn’t really been about herself as much as it’s been about the people she’s romantically involved with.

The premiere of Milian’s new reality show, “Christina Milian Turned Up” debuted Sunday night at 10 p.m. on E! The show takes us into the life of Milian and her family. The Milian family, comprised of mostly female members, shows no mercy with their “no filter” attitudes and energetic personalities.

But before the episode delved into the drama, the koshering and “Tina Turn Up,” Milian (also known as Tina) managed to refresh us about her accomplishments to date. For instance, who knew that Milian started her career on the Disney Channel? Clearly, a little known fact, but she thought we needed some reminding. She also took us through her three albums and four hit singles, including “Say I,” “AM to PM” and “Us Against the World.” And to think, some people only knew her from the movie “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” with Nick Cannon. Another interesting fact she was sure to play up was her signing with Young Money/Cash Money Records, owned by Lil’ Wayne. Regardless, she’s ready to return to the spotlight after taking years off to raise her soon-to-be five-year-old daughter.

Milians Turned Up: A closer look at the family

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Danielle Milian is the middle sister. She was a single mom but has recently married Richard, the father of her second child. She calls herself the most honest out of the three sisters. Throughout the episode, you see Danielle and Richard going through that awkward newlywed first-year struggle: non-stop arguing. At one point, Danielle took her wedding ring off because she was annoyed, who does that? But, I digress. Danielle feels like she is trying to figure herself out in her marriage and as a new mom. She’s afraid of people leaving and rejection because her dad left when the girls were younger. Also, her mom was busy dealing with Christina’s career and unable to devote time to fully raise Danielle and younger sister, Lizzy.

Lizzy Milian is the the baby of the brood. She is converting to the Jewish Orthodox religion, thanks to some inspiration from her ex-boyfriend. According to Christina, Lizzy changes her interests based on boyfriends and ex-boyfriends. I can’t wait to see what she conquers next. She calls herself the conservative one of the sisters. Lizzy is also a professional chef. After Christina asked Lizzy to move in with her to help take care of Violet, she went through extensive measures with koshering Christina’s kitchen for her Jewish Orthodox needs. She used a koshering “stone” on all the pots to make it safe for cooking and even invited her rabbi over to help clear out all meats, dairy products and all other non-kosher items from Christina’s house.

Carmen Milian is the Cuban mom of the Milian clan. She’s been Christina’s manager for about 20 years now. Throughout the episode, you can see the dissonance between her and Christina as she starts to take more control of her career and leave her mother’s nest. Now, don’t get me wrong, Carmen’s no Kris Jenner “momager,” but she has got to understand that her daughter is 33-years-old.

Fun facts…

* It’s revealed early on that Christina’s dad left her mom and their family when she was 15 years old for his mistress. Can you say “scandalous?”

* After her dad left, Christina became the breadwinner for her family.

* Beyonce has “Sasha Fierce.” Nicki Minaj has “Roman.” Christina Milian has “Tina Turn Up.” Okay, I wouldn’t call it an alter ego, as much as I would say she actually refers to herself as “Tina Turn Up.” Yes, it’s true. She’s edgy, ratchet and wild. A side of Milian that we haven’t quite seen as of yet.

* While debuting two new songs to her mom, I couldn’t help but think that Christina is quite confused about the direction of her music. The first song she debuted sounded low key, like trap music. The second song, “Rebel” sounds like it would be a good hit for her, a little edgy, pop-meets-R&B. In her own words: “It’s about me and you, don’t care what anyone thinks.” She has new music and new style, and is claiming this is the new her. Maybe she has too much of a Lil’ Wayne influence.

* Tina and her mom, Carmen, went to a tattoo parlor for her mom’s birthday. Carmen got her first tattoo. Christina got her nipple pierced. Yes, her nipple.

Tune in to “Christina Milian Turned Up” Sunday nights at 10 p.m. on E!

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