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“Law and Order: SVU” Recap: Slender into the night

Note: This post contains spoilers for season sixteen, episode six of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," entitled "Glasgowoman's Wrath."

Slenderman. Whether your preferred medium is the television or the computer, you probably heard about him and the attempted murder of one teenage girl by two other girls in Wisconsin this past summer. It was the kind of weird and creepy event that only comes around every once in a while, so “SVU” had to take it and turn it up a few notches.

Shaky camera has kicked off a few “SVU” episodes in the past. It’s probably never as exciting as the the producers intend it to be, but it does disorient the audience well. In this case, Perry Gilbert (Chloe Csengery, “Paranormal Activity 3”) and Mia Harris (Mina Sundwall, “#Horror”), two creepily close best friends tease Mia’s little sister, Zoe (Oona Laurence, “I Smile Back”) while filming the beginning of their adventure into the woods. (Besides, what teenage girl isn’t creepily close to her best friend?)

It’s the day after Halloween, and the girls are ready to meet Glasgowman, a slightly less creepy-looking Slenderman knockoff. Something goes amiss, however. Perry drops the camera, and only Mia and Perry’s screams can be heard as Zoe falls to the ground.

Zoe is the only one found at first, with a lot stab wounds but still alive. She claims to have seen the “Glasgowman,” who’s actually an eyepatch-wearing homeless man (played by Will Harris of “Big Driver," one of the better “SVU” guest stars this season). He’s paranoid but harmless and pathetic. From there, the story gets a little kooky, but then again, the real story is just as bizarre. The two girls are found alive with stab wounds, but nothing about the crime scene looks right. The girlse accuse each other of the crimes but the detectives deduce that Perry and Mia stabbed Zoe together, then Perry stabbed Mia. Finally, Perry stabbed herself.

The episode ends with the two girls getting off rather easy. Mia is seen as a victim of Perry, with no required time, and Perry is given a short stay in a psychiatric facility. In the final, chilling scene, Mia and a handcuffed Perry secretly lock pinkies, which only Carisi witnesses. Will this be the last of Perry and Mia? Hopefully not.

As for the ongoing stories, there’s one cute shot of Olivia playing with Noah right before she’s called in to work the case, and Rollins and Amaro still have some sexual tension. Nothing’s really been adequately explored or explained this season, though.

Tune in to "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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