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Album Review: Ex Hex, “Rips”



Ex Hex are a punk rock trio consisting of an all-female lineup, and boy, do these girls know how to rock. Since the band’s formation in late 2013, Ex Hex have been touring the States and taking audiences by storm, receiving publicity from news organizations such as Pitchfork, The Washington Post and NPR. Their debut album “Rips” hit the shelves on Oct. 7 via Merge Records.

Musically, this is not an intricate or grandiose record, but it’s not supposed to be. Ex Hex have a clear goal in mind for its music and it involves a simple, fun and easy-to-swallow style of punk rock that could appeal to a mass audience.

Most songs keep a steady, mid/upper-tempo beat with chord progressions that at times almost feel predictable. Right before the music starts to feel stale, though, guitarist and singer Mary Timony saves the day with her memorable solos and catchy choruses. This album, however, does not lack variety. Songs like “Hot and Cold,” “How You Got That Girl” and “Outro” take the time to slow things down and chill out.

Lyrical themes include self-empowerment, romance and just having a good time. This is an all-around positive album. Complementing these themes is the clean and clear tone of the album. One may think of punk rock as a gritty and abrasive style of music, but Ex Hex begs to differ. The production on this album is surprisingly clean and is hardly an assault on the ears. This smooth sound makes “Rips” a record you can play on your stereo no matter what you’re doing or how you’re feeling. It’s bound to put a smile on your face.

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