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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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From: The Scene Blog

Five Track Halloween Friday: Sinister tracks to keep your playlist fresh

Five Track Halloween Friday: Sinister tracks to keep your playlist fresh

1. Danger Mouse - “Two Against One”

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(If you like: Jack White, The Kills)

Oh man, this one gets so many bonus points. To boot, it’s a great song. Spindly guitars are layered over simple, slow-burning basslines and drum tracks. It already sounds Halloween-ish, no? But wait, there’s more: it features Jack White - in all of his quirky (creepy?) glory, crooning his bluesy heart out. As if that wasn’t enough, the whole thing is a Danger Mouse project. The prolific producer (see: Gorillaz, The Black Keys, Beck, etc.), demonstrates his songwriting chops here, making for one heck of a track. Oh, and did I mention the music video is awesome? Like really awesome? Just go, watch, listen and enjoy.  

2. Dr. Dog - “The Beach”

(If you like: Wilco, Dan Auerbach, indie halloween parties)

Dr. Dog is well known and loved for its eclectic approach to indie-rock. But this track off 2008’s “Fate” offers a darker take on its usual sound, with organs reminiscent of The Doors underscoring sinister slow-burn guitar riffs. Perfect for late night Halloween kickbacks.  

3. Electric Guest - "American Daydream"

(If you like: Broken Bells, Cults, falsetto. You heard me.)

Electric Guest released Mondo in 2012, and it sounds just as good two years later. Among other excellent tracks, “American Daydream” fits the Halloween mood best with thin, spacey guitar parts and a creeping, crawling bassline. Chant-like choruses and some stellar falsetto vocals give the whole thing an air of wistfulness - perfect for this time of year.

4. Gorillaz - “5/4”

(If you like: The Clash, Radiohead, time signatures besides 4/4)

While “Clint Eastwood” is arguably one of Gorillaz most popular songs, the album it came from is woefully ignored. The self-titled debut was released in 2001, and no one knew what hit them. Tracks like “5/4” offers a look at one of the many eclectic styles Gorillaz tried before settling into its now signature sonic profile. The song deserves recognition just as much as “Clint Eastwood.”

5. Modest Mouse - “Alone Down There”

(If you like: Pixies, Portugal. The Man, good music. Period.)

We started with a mouse, so let’s end with one too because, you know, superstition. Once upon a time, long before the release of “Float On," Modest Mouse reigned supreme as indie-rock royalty. This track, off its 2000 masterpiece “The Moon & Antarctica,” is Modest Mouse at its peak. “Alone Down There” swings between soft, introspective verses tinged with what feel like auditory hallucinations and outbursting deranged choruses. The whole thing is wonderfully unsettling and deserves a slot on any Halloween playlist.

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