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Five Track Friday: New songs for you! For science!



1. Monki Valley – “Only If I Could”
(If you like: Emancipator, Nina Simone, DJs from Barcelona your friends have never heard of)

Sick of the Top 40? Same. Ditch “All About That Bass” for two seconds and go international with this Barcelona DJ’s Nina Simone inspired track. Don’t worry, there’s still bass.

2. Tapioca and the Flea – “Take It Slow”
(If you like: Real Estate, Walk the Moon, dance-ready indie)

Tapioca is kind of gross. Fleas are really gross. But apparently putting the two together results in refreshing blend of psychedelic indie-pop. Wistful vocals pair well with dance-ready beats, it seems.

3. Typefighter – “I Like the Way You Are”
(If you like: Dr. Dog, Grizzly Bear, local indie-rock)

Filled with fuzzed-out folk and indie-rock gems like this track off of local four-piece Typefighter’s first full length album, “The End of Everything,” looks more like the beginning of a promising career.

4. Elvis Depressedly – “Weird Honey”
(If you like: The Orwells, Waxahatchee, wit with your melancholy)

Elvis Depressedly, aka Mat Cothran of Coma Cinema, makes some of the best melancholy lo-fi music out there. “Weird Honey” features some of his best post-break-up, pre-over-it lyrics. “If there’s a cool spot in hell/ I hope you get it.”

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5. Alt-J – “The Gospel of John Hurt”
(If you like: Broken Bells, Vampire Weekend, …Alt-J)
Alt-J’s second album, “This Is All Yours” is finally here. And while it may take some time for its other tracks to grow on everyone, “The Gospel of John Hurt,” sees Alt-J re-capturing some of the genius of “An Awesome Wave” – without being too redundant.

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