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D.C. residents required to clear sidewalks of snow — but not for this storm

A snowy Tenleytown Friday evening (Cuneyt Dil/The Eagle).

D.C. residents will be subject to new regulations this snow season, but not for this weekend’s snow storm. “We don’t expect to issue tickets during this snow event,” Mayor Muriel Bowser said at a press conference Thursday morning.

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A new law that went into effect this winter requires residents and businesses to shovel their sidewalks 8 hours after snow stops falling, or face fines.

“Property owners who fail to shovel their driveways will receive their notice of violation via certified mail,” said Christine Davis of the Department of Public Works. “If [the Department of Public Works] is unsuccessful in serving the property owner via certified mail, DPW will conspicuously post the violation at the property.”

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Fines for unshoveled resident driveways are $25, while businesses will have to pay $150. However, residents who are disabled or are 65-years-old do not have to clear their sidewalks.

To help keep these sidewalks clear the city has established the DC Resident Snow Team. Residents can volunteer to shovel the sidewalks of people exempt from shoveling their sidewalk.

These regulations will not come into effect this weekend though. Bowser announced early Thursday that the city won’t enforce the law for this storm, citing its enormity.

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