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The D.C. Council gets its own “House of Cards” like web series

The widely popular Netflix television show “House of Cards” is loved by Capitol Hill and White House junkies nationwide, but there’s another place on Pennsylvania Avenue that might be getting its own fictional web series: The John A. Wilson Building.

The Wilson Building, where the D.C. Council and mayor work, is the center of the new teaser for a web series named “The Council.” In a promo video, fictional councilmembers take turns trying to show the audience who's really the bigwig (or who has the bigger ego). The teaser was first reported by City Paper.

The politicians in the video even refer back to the District’s darker days in the 80s and 90s, with mention of “the time this city turned into a ghost town at night” and how it was “filled with crackheads [and] prostitutes.” The teaser ends with a faux-Godfather logo. The filmmaker behind the project is Paul DeVeaux.

According to this Instagram post, the web series will come out in the fall. The actress playing mayor Dorian White describes the series as a “steamy, sexy, scandalous webisode.”

From the YouTube video’s description: “The Council is an upcoming web series best described as ‘The Wire’ meets ‘Dallas.’ Over the course of several episodes, we will watch learn and empathize with the political power brokers (and wannabes); explore the political and personal motivations of the fictional members of the DC City Council.”

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