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District Wire: Why we should care about local DC



Welcome to the District Wire, a new feature at The Eagle all about local Washington, D.C.

This blog will cover issues and developments in Ward 3, particularly the neighborhoods of AU Park, Tenleytown, Friendship Heights and nearby. DW will also cover City Hall, where the D.C. Council craft city law and oversee services and where Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) runs the city.

Why should we care about local D.C.? Much of the political discussion here revolves around what happens on Capitol Hill and in the White House. But while it houses the federal government within its borders, D.C. is a vibrant and growing city with its own challenges like any other big city. Where does it house the homeless? How can the government alleviate economic inequality? How can the city tackle big transit issues?

In Ward 3, District Wire will focus on the two Advisory Neighborhood Commissions touching AU, which are ANC 3D and 3E (more on ANCs here). These ANCs deal with development and other issues around the neighborhood and Tenleytown. A new bar is opening nearby? — it’ll be covered here. More policy-oriented news will also be covered, such as new transportation issues affecting the community.

This blog will keep the AU community and neighborhood up to date about current local issues while providing context and historical background on how this city came to be. Mixed in with straight news, there will be explainer posts and other easy-to-digest content relating to the lives of AU students. Think of it as Washington Post’s The Fix blog but for local news.

While attending AU and living in the District, understanding the neighborhood and local government matters—even if it’s just while in college.

Here is a recap of topics District Wire will cover:

  • The latest from the D.C. Council and the mayor
  • ANCs close to AU
  • Sprinkling of D.C. history and culture
  • Neighborhood news around upper Ward 3
  • Other important at-large local news

Follow District Wire on Twitter @DistrictWire .

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