After five rounds of voting, Aly McCormick elected Undergraduate Senate speaker

McCormick was elected after two meetings, a ‘historic’ length for the election

After five rounds of voting, Aly McCormick elected Undergraduate Senate speaker

Editor’s Note: Jacob Fishman, the secretary of Student Government, is a graphic designer for The Eagle. Fishman was not involved in the writing, reporting or editing of this story.

After five rounds of voting across Undergraduate Senate meetings Sunday and Wednesday, Aly McCormick, a sophomore in the School of Public Affairs and the acting secretary of Student Government, was elected its speaker.

Senate clerk Abby Wolfe, parliamentarian Max Morse-deBrier and Class of 2025 Senator Tyler Dougherty called the meetings “historic” because of the election’s length.

Three rounds of voting Sunday resulted in 6-6-6 ties and none of the candidates achieved a majority of the votes in Wednesday’s first round, until McCormick won the fifth vote.

Running against McCormick were Tyler Brown-Dewese, a former senator for the Class of 2025, and JJ Dimino, an incumbent senator for the Class of 2025.

Brown-Dewese dropped out of the race before Wednesday’s meeting began.

There would be “[a] lot of shock tonight,” he said before dropping out, “but I believe tonight we’ll come out with a winner.”

The new Senate has 10 vacant seats, most of them reserved for juniors and seniors, and McCormick now has the responsibility to fill them.

SG has been criticized for its ability to advocate for students, including by former Secretary Coleman Maxwell.

Ben Piccarillo, a senator for the Class of 2026, told The Eagle that after the speaker election, “everyone’s going to really, genuinely work with each other.”

“I am excited to get to work,” McCormick told The Eagle immediately after her election. “There’s a lot of stuff I know the senators want to do. I’m ready to work for them, to advocate for them and do the best I can to help them in the process of moving legislation forward.”

“I knew, no matter what, that the Senate would have a great speaker,” Dimino said after the meeting. “I think I presented a lot of great ideas, but I know Aly will do a great job, and I'm excited to see what the new Senate can do.”

McCormick said Jacob Fishman would become acting secretary, filling her old job, while SG was searching for a replacement.

“I’m truly honored that [senators] put their trust in me,” McCormick said. “That means a lot.”

This article was edited by Mackenzie Konjoyan, Jordan Young and Nina Heller. Copy editing by Isabelle Kravis and Stella Guzik.

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