AU Improv puts on a striking and comedic second show of the semester

Donations were collected by the troupe for Everybody Eats DC

AU Improv puts on a striking and comedic second show of the semester

Members of AU Improv at their second show of the semester

AU Improv produced its second show of the semester on Nov. 11 at the Wechsler Theatre. 

The theater space itself was intimate and allowed the actors to foster a fun and friendly environment. Over the course of an hour, the group played seven games which highlighted the cast’s talent and quick thinking. Each game had a theme and the actors generated a scene based on the given theme and audience suggestions: often a single word, person or location. 

One game they played was particularly entertaining and brought out roaring laughter in the audience. Two actors took on the roles of film critics and two more acted out the film the critics were reviewing. The actors adapted quickly and threw insults at each other left and right, contributing to the troupe’s brilliant display of comedy.

About halfway through the show, the group did an eight minute montage performance, with the actors jumping in and out of improvised scenes, replacing each other to create a constant turnover of characters. They began with the audience-generated word “chihuahua” and built off of it on the spot. Many of the actors chose to embody chihuahuas, and did so with impressive comedic skill. 

Still, one of the most impressive scenes in the show was called “late to work.” The audience had to create a backstory for why an employee was late, if anyone had helped them get to work and what mode of transportation they took. The audience made suggestions from animated movie characters to late-night television hosts and the actors acclimated with ease. 

The last scene they performed was entitled “emotional family.” Like many of their other segments, the troupe began by asking the audience for two words: a location and an emotion. The audience suggested a convenience store as a location and the emotion proposed was “hangry.” The actors' physical comedy in this scene was particularly impressive as they pretended to interact with imaginary objects, such as a slushy machine.

The troupe also partnered with the local nonprofit Everybody Eats DC and raised money by selling beautiful jewelry and delicious baked goods at the show, encouraging audience members to make donations. 

Despite having no sets or costumes, the actors did an exceptional job creating a humorous story that left the audience smiling as they exited the theater. 

Overall, the show displayed a talented group of actors who committed to their roles and exhibited adaptability. AU Improv put on a phenomenal show for an important cause. Students should take advantage of their performances in subsequent semesters in order to support the troupe as an integral part of the performing arts community.

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