At-home tests explained: AU students can order free COVID-19 tests to their dorm rooms

Confused by the household limit? Here's The Eagle's guide to getting your tests today

At-home tests explained: AU students can order free COVID-19 tests to their dorm rooms

The government’s launch of its free rapid coronavirus test ordering website may seem inaccessible to students living in residence halls due to the limitation on orders from a single address. Here is a comprehensive guide for any on-campus resident who would like to order the free tests.

Although officially launches today, the website was available for use Tuesday. First, log on to the website and enter your name and address. 

An order includes four individual rapid antigen COVID-19 tests. Since there is a limit of one order per residential address, American University students cannot successfully enter the University’s address because the website will not process duplicate orders for the same address.

To get around this issue, enter the University’s main address in Line 1 of the form, then the name of your residence hall and room number in Line 2 of the form.

For students living in apartments off campus, Eagle staff were able to order tests by entering “Apt ##” in the second line of the form, where “##” is the apartment number. 

Tests should ship within seven to 12 days of ordering, according to White House officials.

In the meantime, students can also pick up rapid testing kits at some designated public libraries in the district, as long as they show a proof of residency such as a piece of mail sent to a D.C. address. Additionally, the University’s testing center is open Monday through Saturday in Constitution Hall.

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