SG postpones State of the Union gala until January

Inclusiveness and accessibility cited as primary reasons for postponement

SG postpones State of the Union gala until January

Editor's Note: This article has been updated with additional information from a community-wide email.

A week after announcing a State of the Union gala, American University Student Government President Chyna Brodie shared that the gala will now be postponed until mid-January.

The gala was originally scheduled for Nov. 17, and would have “cocktail attire, dress code will be enforced,” the initial invitation read. 

“In order to remain as accessible and inclusive as possible, President Brodie has decided to move the State of the Union Gala to January of next semester,” Brodie said in a statement to The Eagle. “Check your AU email from AUSG for more details and stay tuned for a specific date drop.”

As previously reported by The Eagle, the gala will host 300 students, and be funded by Brodie’s presidential programming fund, taking up about half of the budget. 

The gala was hailed by Brodie as a way that students who missed prom could take part in a prom-like event. According to statements made by Brodie, the event would have been held in the Katzen Arts Center and catered by a professional catering service.

SG sent an email to the AU community Wednesday night announcing the decision. Students who had already RSVP'd for the event will keep their spot, the email said.

"We want every student that attends the event to feel as confident as possible, and we’ve heard that some students need additional time to get ready for the gala," the email said. 

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