The best snacks to keep in your dorm

From sweet treats to comfort food favorites, this list is your go-to for the fall semester

The best snacks to keep in your dorm
A collection of snacks to keep in your dorm

As the fall semester at American University begins and students are back in the dorms and on campus, snacks and easy-to-make meals are more important than ever.

Between upcoming cold winter days and long study breaks throughout the semester, it can be hard to decide on which will be most helpful and filling throughout the next few months. This list of the best foods to keep in your dorm has everything you need for a successful semester.


What would a study break be without some Oreos to help pass the time? Easy to find, purchase and store in a drawer, shelf or cabinet, Oreos are the perfect snack to have on hand for any snack or dessert during the week — especially dipped in milk. Oreos are fit for any time of year and will satiate your hunger in the best way.

Campbell’s microwaveable soup

This next food is perfect for a cold day or a quick meal between classes no matter the season, and the variety of flavors is sure to make for an easy meal. Whether it’s Chicken Noodle or Creamy Tomato, Campbell’s soup is warm, filling and perfect for any lunch or dinner in your dorm.


Though TDR is open every day for breakfast, not everyone wants to get out of bed and walk to MGC first thing in the morning to eat. Having some kind of cereal in your dorm is perfect for those relaxed mornings or time before class. With endless options like Frosted Cheerios or Lucky Charms, cereal is excellent for a quick breakfast and an easy-to-clean-up meal.


Alongside sweeter food choices like Oreos, Pringles are the perfect salty snack to keep in your room that comes in a variety of flavors ranging from Barbecue to Cheddar and Sour Cream. Pringles are an easy food to store and bring around with you as you go through the day.


This list wouldn’t be complete without chocolate, and whether you like sweeter options like Twix or something more bitter like dark chocolate Brookside, chocolate is the perfect snack to keep in your dorm when you need that extra push to keep studying or a sweet way to end the day and one that’s sure to cheer everyone up. 

There are endless options of foods to keep with you throughout the semester, and this list is the perfect starting point to gather the snacks that are best for you. You can use EagleBucks to purchase any of these snacks at either of AU’s on-campus markets, or pick them up at a local grocery store to stock up on your dorm snack supply. 

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