Quick and inexpensive drinks for summertime

AU students share their favorite fun refreshments

Quick and inexpensive drinks for summertime
Homemade Strawberry Lemonade Açaí Refresher

With the end of summer almost here, staying cool and hydrated is key to being healthy — and there are more ways to accomplish that than just water. Here is a tasty list of drinks that solve the boring woes of finding refreshments throughout the season.

Strawberry Lemonade Açaí Refresher

This cool drink from Starbucks with a burst of flavor can be a nice go-to for anyone looking to get rejuvenated. This refresher is lightly caffeinated and contains fresh strawberries, water and tons of ice, with the optional add-in of lemonade. A real thirst-quencher, this tasty drink can be had anywhere and anytime. It’s easy to replicate at home — here is a recipe to help get one started. 


Good old-fashioned lemonade: “I like sour stuff,” incoming freshman Caroline Foti said. “And I feel like [lemonade] is a classic summer staple.” 

Depending on whether you like it sweet, tart or a balance of both, lemonade will always be a strong option. To make it at home, Country Time Lemonade powder is a perfect and simple solution — just add water. 

Iced Chai Tea Latte

Starbucks’ Iced Chai Tea Latte is another wonderful wake-me-up that can add a little spice and pep to your day. This tea is not heavy and can be iced or hot and made at home. The latte contains milk, chai tea concentrate, honey and ginger juice. To make it at home, go to a local Target and buy the Tazo Chai Tea concentrate, then make sure your cold milk and a tall glass are on hand, and you’re good to go.

Strawberry-Banana smoothie

Traditionally a morning drink, this fruity smoothie is filling and appropriate for all ages to enjoy. 

“It’s my favorite because it’s really good, easy to make and healthy,” says incoming freshman Sarah Havdala. “It only takes one banana, a few strawberries, a splash of orange juice and ice cubes. Then you can put it in a blender and drink it.” 

You can add fruit on top or left plain, and put it in a glass or a bottle to go.

Shirley Temple

Yet another classic, the Shirley Temple has been around for quite a while. A staple usually found at restaurants and a perfect alternative to an alcoholic drink, it’s made with three ingredients: ginger ale or sprite, cherry grenadine and ice. Although generally seen as a “kid’s drink,” this beverage is good for everyone. Existing in the hearts of many as summer nostalgia, the Shirley Temple is a sweet, sweet memory.

With a little something for everyone, hopefully these choices are a good beginning point for a refreshing summer and a helpful list that can be used to make, buy and then drink from!


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