Comptroller Max Rubin announces resignation from position in statement to SG body

Rubin’s resignation comes only five weeks after he took over the role, leaving the position unfilled until a successor is appointed

Comptroller Max Rubin announces resignation from position in statement to SG body

In a May 7 email to the American University Student Government, Max Rubin announced his resignation from the position of comptroller, citing personal concerns. 

“After being presented with long term opportunities that will require a serious investment of my time and resources, I realized my ambition was spreading my time and energy too thin,” Rubin said in his statement.  

Rubin was elected to the position on April 11, as the only candidate to run for the role. He ran a campaign that focused on bringing back an advocacy portion to the office of comptroller, and a focus on expanding the role of the Eagle Endowment grant. 

His resignation comes almost a year after Nikola Jok stepped down from the role of president due to mental health concerns. 

In Rubin’s email, he explained that the position requires an extensive commitment to the duties of the comptroller and that he would not be able to commit the full amount of time necessary. 

“I am confident the current Executive Board, as well as my replacement, will do an amazing service to the community throughout their terms,” he said in the email. 

According to Interim Chair of the Judicial Board Carter Foust, there is currently no acting comptroller, as the position does not have a clearly defined order of succession in the constitution. 

As for a special election, Foust said that it is only constitutionally required for the president and vice president. SG President Chyna Brodie will nominate someone to the position who must be confirmed by the senate. 

Comptroller applications are currently open and can be found here.  

Vice President Javon Darrien said that he is confident in Brodie’s upcoming choice for the role. 

“I am saddened by Max’s decision, but I wish him well on his future endeavors,” he said. “I am eagerly awaiting President Brodie’s replacement pick, and I have full confidence in their choice.” 

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