Clare Mulroy named The Eagle’s 2021-22 editor-in-chief

Mulroy is The Eagle’s current life managing editor

Clare Mulroy named The Eagle’s 2021-22 editor-in-chief

The Eagle’s advisory board has selected Clare Mulroy, The Eagle’s current life managing editor, as its editor-in-chief for the 2021-22 school year.

Mulroy leads a team of 21 life staffers, who have covered issues ranging from the pandemic’s impact on music programs on campus to discussions within the University community on environmental policy. In August, before assuming her current role, Mulroy spearheaded the launch of the news division’s “Activist Spotlight” series, an initiative that tells the stories of LGBTQ+ and BIPOC students and alumni who advocate for marginalized groups.

Prior to her time as life managing editor, Mulroy served as the paper’s food and fitness editor from summer 2020 through fall 2020 and as its arts and entertainment editor from summer 2019 through spring 2020. Mulroy is also an active member of The Eagle’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion group.

Georgina DiNardo, The Eagle’s copy managing editor, said Mulroy has excellent leadership skills that will translate well in her role as editor-in-chief. 

“She’s very good with listening to others’ opinions and talking to others to make sure the right decision is made. I feel like she’s very democratic on that; there’s not a lot of, ‘I am right, you are wrong completely,’” DiNardo said. “She’s really good with leading people and making everyone feel important and involved.”

Outside of The Eagle, Mulroy serves as a fellow for Tagg Magazine, an LGBTQ+ publication. She’s also interned at Voice of America and contributed freelance pieces for Cape Cod Health News and The Hill.

Mulroy, who hails from Sandwich, Massachusetts, is a junior majoring in journalism and minoring in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies and sustainability. She will take over as editor-in-chief in April 2021.

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