AUSG SUB brings dvsn to AU community in virtual concert

AUSG Student Union Board hosts Canadian music duo dvsn

AUSG SUB brings dvsn to AU community in virtual concert
Zoom screenshot of DVSN performing during its concert for AU.

Correction: This article has been updated since it was first published with the correct spelling of Olivia Al's name.

The AUSG Student Union Board hosted R&B group dvsn for a virtual concert on March 3. Dvsn, which is pronounced “division,” consists of lead singer Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85. However, for the concert, dvsn brought a full band with a drummer, keyboardist, bassist and two backup singers. 

Olivia Al, director of the AUSG SUB, introduced dvsn, which performed a 40-minute set. Afterward, Nadia Slocum, marketing deputy for SUB, moderated a Q&A session. 

Before the concert, SUB made a Spotify playlist of songs by dvsn, some of which were performed at the concert. Some of the songs included in both the playlist and the concert were “Think About Me,” “Body Smile” and “No Good.” 

Dvsn released a new album this year, “Amusing Her Feelings,” which can be found on Spotify, iTunes and other music streaming platforms. Of the album’s 20 songs, dvsn performed “No Good” and “She Said” at the virtual concert.

When asked to use three words to describe dvsn’s music, Daley said, “real, growing, borderless.” Daley said that he does not like the idea of being boxed into one category and that he tries to be honest with people through his music. 

“A lot of people naturally get an impression,” Daley said. “We are on our own path.”

Daley also addressed the inspiration behind the name. It is “the separation between us and them. We are on our own path and are not paying attention to outside noise,” according to Daley. 

Daley also elaborated on the group’s work during the coronavirus pandemic. 

“We have only done about five virtual concerts since quarantine,” Daley said. “We did one drive-in concert too.”

Drive-in concerts have become fairly common in Canada, where dvsn is based out of. One of the only safe, in-person concert experiences during the pandemic, people show up at a music venue in their cars and stay in them for the duration of the show, which is projected on a huge screen. 

Dvsn is just one of several virtual acts that SUB has brought to the student body this year. Updates about upcoming performances and events can be found on its social media pages.

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