University changes pass/fail policy for spring 2021

University offers more flexibility on courses students can take as pass/fail

University changes pass/fail policy for spring 2021
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Clarification: The subheading of this article has been updated to clarify that undergraduate students now have the option to take any two courses as pass/fail.

For the spring 2021 semester, undergraduate students will now be allowed to take any two classes as pass/fail, Acting Provost Peter Starr wrote in an email to the AU community Wednesday evening. 

Both of the courses can now be major, minor, Core, Gen Ed or elective courses. This is a change from the fall semester, where only one of those courses could be a major, minor, Core or Gen Ed class. 

“This change to allow the P/F option to apply to any two courses was the direct result of student and academic advisor feedback regarding the need for additional flexibility,” Starr wrote in his email. 

Students will still have the option to see all of their final grades before opting to change their grade type. Most graduate students can select one class as pass/fail for spring 2021; however, students in the International Accelerator Program and students in the Washington College of Law will not be able to change their grade type, Starr wrote in his email.

Similar to last semester, there will be a window of time when students can opt to change their grade type. 

Starr also encouraged students to take advantage of the resources available to them at the University, and reminded them about the upcoming Wellness Week in lieu of spring break. 

“Try to take time for more sleep, find time to connect with friends and family in safe ways, engage in hobbies that bring you joy, unplug from social media or your phone, and consider what you need for your well-being and success as we head into the last half of the semester. Use this week to recharge and refocus,” Starr said.

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