Say hello to sweater weather

Five style tips for your closet to welcome in the cooler weather

Say hello to sweater weather
Writer Emily Walsh showcases some of her favorite fall pieces. HEADER FOR SWEATER WEATHER STORY*

Cooler temperatures have finally started to chill the air, which can only mean one thing: sweater weather! While it may not be cold enough to wear your favorite oversized plush turtleneck, summer tops can finally be moved to the back of the closet to let your sweaters shine.

What is so great about sweaters is their versatility. If you want to shop for some new looks (I’ve had my eyes on Zara’s new collection of knitwear that is unofficially inspired by Harry Styles) or use what you already have in your closet, you’ll find these style tips useful and applicable. Oh, and because we’re in the middle of a pandemic, there are even some masks to match. 


1. Earth Tones

Earth tones are definitely having their moment right now. As the leaves continue to change and winter settles across the country, earth tones are the perfect way to reflect the seasons. Think browns, burnt oranges, shades of tan and khaki green. These colors are universally flattering and make even the simplest looks seem put together. Try layering your favorite brown sweater with a black jean jacket to create some more depth to your look, and don’t forget a mask in the same color family to complete the look.

2. Turtlenecks 

Since making a comeback in 2018, turtlenecks have been everywhere. Turtlenecks were a fashion staple in the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s. These decades are also making revivals in hair, makeup and style.

Although not everyone likes turtlenecks, and you may have a memory of your mom trying to force you into one, there’s no denying that they’re back in style. What’s so great about a plain-colored turtleneck this season is the ability to pair it with a fun, patterned or bold, colored mask. The possibilities are endless.


3. Layering

According to Glamour, layering is one of the biggest style trends of 2020. Layering allows you to add some personal touches to the pieces in your closet and can make an older sweater look brand new. Keeping with the turtleneck trend, layering a turtleneck top under a thinner sweater not only provides warmth but adds dimension to the overall look. 

But, you don’t have to layer just a sweater. You can layer coats, jewelry, tops under dresses, and so much more. Layering can refresh your current staples while keeping you cozy for the rest of the fall season into winter.

4. Crewnecks

Crewneck sweatshirts are a great casual addition to any closet. Since the start of the pandemic, loungewear has become increasingly popular. Crewnecks are perfect for any student’s wardrobe; who doesn’t want to be comfortable in virtual classes?

While the crew neckline is a classic staple, this style’s comfort is probably the most appealing. Layering (you guessed it) can level up your favorite sweatshirt into something that looks more put together. Pair your favorite sweatshirt with a loose fitting pair of jeans, joggers or leggings for that Zoom-chic look.

5. Patterned Masks


Besides keeping you and your loved ones safe, masks are a great way to showcase your personal style. Now that masks are part of everyone’s wardrobe, have fun with centering your looks around your favorite one.

Getting a variety of cute masks in fun colors and patterns can be a great way to improve your sweater game. Bold patterns and designs can also be used to show your personality while they hide your smile. There are so many different shops selling cute masks now online, so get creative with your Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-approved accessory.

These style suggestions are just the beginning. Add your personal flair and shake up your sweater weather wardrobe this season.

All products featured in this article were independently selected by Emily Walsh. Featured clothing stores do not equal endorsements.

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