Go secondhand shopping for the Founders Day Ball with Secondi

Find the perfect Founders outfit without breaking the bank

Go secondhand shopping for the Founders Day Ball with Secondi
Secondi is a consignment shop located north of the Dupont Circle Metro Station.

The Founders Day Ball is quickly approaching. If you’re scrambling to find a dress, there’s still time and plenty of dresses waiting to be snatched off the racks and worn by a queen for the night. Buying a new article of clothing may bring a smile to your face or make you feel great for an evening, and to some, this is the beauty of fashion. Fashion allows us to express ourselves freely and dress for the lives we lead – whether it’s for a special occasion, a job interview or just going to class. When we wear what makes us feel our best, we can be our best selves, and in turn live our best lives.

With that said, allow me to put emphasis on what may be taken as an “in vogue” opinion when it comes to these Cinderella evenings that we love and cherish so much. We end up spending lots of time and money only to be left with a closet full of clothes and  nothing to wear. 

This is where secondhand clothing comes in. With second-hand shopping and the diverse assortment of options at hand, you can reduce your spending costs, explore different styles and reduce your environmental impact. 

This year for Founders Day Ball, consider buying a new dress and exploring a new avenue, like a consignment shop. Consignment shops are locally owned businesses with a mom and pop feel. One local shop, Secondi, is filled with the most eye-catching sequins, silk and embroidered fabrics. Located north of the Dupont Circle Metro Station, this consignment shop was started by Caitrine Callison, a woman from Illinois who made a living as a potter. 

Callison said she had a desire to rethink the retail industry and came up with the brilliant idea of bringing 30 women together to collect articles of clothing they no longer wanted to wear. On her own, she began operating Secondi, which has been around for 34 years. The store has attracted the interest of women from all age groups, from college students to individuals in their 40s. Callison brings women renowned labels such as Rag & Bone, Diane von Furstenberg, Saks Fifth Avenue, Intermix Labels and pieces of value that are in pristine condition. 

With some of the hottest collections, Secondi provides a new selection of items every season. Upon walking in the store, you are greeted with an array of colors, patterns, fabrics and styles. Secondi has evening dresses for any occasion, from sequin gowns to mid-length chinoiserie embroidery, your options are endless. With their unbeatable prices and options, I can guarantee that you will find your Cinderella dress with the spectacular selection Secondi has to offer. 


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