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Friday, March 1, 2024
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Nostalgic Playlist of 2019 Fall Favorites .png

A nostalgic playlist of 2019 fall favorites

A playlist perfect for AU students to get their fall music fix

Every time of year seems to have specific music genres associated with it. Summer offers fun pop hits that everyone blasts out of their car windows as they drive around, and winter offers slower, softer songs that comfort you as you cozy up by the fireplace and enjoy time with friends and family. After surveying AU students, I found common trends within the songs they associate with the fall of 2019. Dive into what AU students are listening to this fall in this must-have fall playlist.

“Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood

This 2012 alternative hit rocked listeners when it was first released, and it continues to be one of the first songs that AU students think of when they hear “fall vibes.” The song is written and performed by The Neighbourhood, an American rock band that was founded in 2011, only a year before “Sweater Weather” swept the charts. It earned the band a double-platinum in the United States and held many Top 10 and 20 spots on international charts. The song contains lyrics about the weather getting colder and the seasons changing, which are exactly the seasonal shifts  associated with fall.  

“White Teeth Teens” by Lorde

“White Teeth Teens” is one of the lesser known songs on Lorde’s first album, “Pure Heroine,” which was released in 2013. The indie pop singer-songwriter from New Zealand gained fame quickly when she released back-to-back hits, “Royals” and “Team,” Lorde’s fame continues to grow as her second album “Melodrama” has also enticed many listeners and put her songs “Green Light” and “Perfect Places” at the top of the charts.

For AU students, it’s not the lyrics of this song that remind them of fall, but instead, their tendency to listen to it during the fall season. Whenever they hear “White Teeth Teens,” it reminds them of colorful leaves falling and pumpkins being sold all over town. Although this alternative song may not directly refer to the season in its meaning, its sound definitely brings memories of past fall experiences. 

“Ran Before the Storm” by Roo Panes

Roo Panes is a lesser known musician than The Neighbourhood or Lorde, however, his music continues to bring fall vibes to AU students. His song, “Ran Before the Storm,” was released in 2014 on one of the English singer-songerwriter’s albums “Little Giant.” While this song was not the most popular one off of the album, it has certain characteristics that bring about fall memories. 

The use of violins and a very soft opening brings a mellow and relaxed vibe to listeners. Roo Panes features soft background singers and highlights his instruments as the main parts of his song to achieve a soothing yet powerful tune that is perfect for listening to before settling down to drink some apple cider and watch your favorite football team.

“Never Meant” by American Football

American Football is an alt-rock band that originated in 1997, stayed active until 2000 and then got back together in 2014. The range of music genres they work in is vast, but most of their songs fall under the category of alternative music. Their song “Never Meant” gained traction and fans all over the United States. 

For many AU students, “Never Meant” reminds them of fall due to the “fall vibes” they get when they listen to the song’s alt-indie sound, similarly to other songs that AU students associate with fall.

Overall, this must-have fall playlist, tailored to AU students’ nostalgic memories, is one alternative and indie listeners will greatly enjoy. The songs offer interesting stories and soothing sounds that students can listen to on their way to and from class. With Thanksgiving around the corner, students can soak up the last bits of fall by indulging in these fall favorites.

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