Save money on every meal with local student discounts

Eat for cheap using just your AU ID at local spots around the District

Save money on every meal with local student discounts
Wagshal's Delicatessen on New Mexico Avenue

It can be a struggle for college students in D.C. to find affordable places to eat. However, more locations are beginning to offer discounts that allow students to either get a cheaper meal or part of their meals for free. These restaurants are easily accessible to students either by Metro or simply by riding the bus and walking. 

American Eats Tavern

American Eats Tavern is located in Georgetown, just a bus ride from AU’s campus. Georgetown is home to many delicious American classic cuisine options, as well as its famous cupcake stores. AU students who already visit Georgetown regularly can now eat somewhere great for less.

On Tuesdays, starting at 4 p.m. and going until the restaurant closes at 11 p.m., students 21 and older can purchase $2 Budwiser and Bud Light beers and a $6 slider trio with pork, sloppy joe and brisket sliders. Students can enjoy an entire meal for just $8 in one of the District’s most popular neighborhoods.

This deal will last all semester; students just need to bring a valid student ID in order to get the discount. 

Students can take either the 30N, 30S, 31, or 33 bus to M Street and Wisconsin Avenue and then walk a few minutes to the restaurant. 


Qdoba is a chain Mexican restaurant with various locations in D.C. and the surrounding DMV area. Throughout their locations, the specific student deals may differ. However, each location has some form of a discount.

On Mondays, at most of its locations, students can get half-priced burritos, as well as a free fountain drink. Students can get a free fountain drink no matter the day, which also lowers the cost of their meal. Also, since Qdoba has numerous locations, it’s an accessible option for students to visit and enjoy a discounted meal throughout the city. 

The discounts offered to students last the whole year as long as a valid student ID is shown.  

Burger King

Although Burger King is a well-known chain, it is no stranger to offering student discounts. Similarly to Qdoba, there are multiple Burger King locations in D.C. and the greater DMV area. 

Burger King offers students a 10 percent discount off their whole meal no matter the day or time. Busy students looking to get a quick bite can easily run into a Burger King and enjoy a cheap meal made fast.

Burger King student discounts last the whole year with a valid student ID.

New Dynasty

New Dynasty is a Chinese restaurant located in DuPont Circle. It offers many different vegetarian options as well as chicken and beef on their menu. Its items are reasonably priced, and you can even order your food online on their website. Its menu is extensive, with smaller plate options to bigger meals, giving students a wide variety of dishes to choose from. 

Every day, students can get either a free soup or drink with their meal from New Dynasty. The amount of money you save with this deal will add up, making your wallet and your stomach happy. Since New Dynasty is also a Chinese restaurant, students are able to expand their palate past the typical food found on AU’s campus. 

The free soup or drink deal lasts all year at New Dynasty, as long as a valid student ID is shown. 

AU students just need to hop on the metro and ride a few stops towards Glenmont on the red line in order to reach DuPont. 

Wagshal’s Delicatessen

Wagshal’s is a restaurant very well-known throughout the District, and many celebrities and political figures enjoy grabbing a meal at this deli. Wagshal’s has multiple locations, but its closest locations are on New Mexico Avenue and in Spring Valley, just up the road from AU. 

Students can visit Wagshal’s and enjoy a meal with a 10 percent discount. Students have an easy commute to the restaurant, making it an easy and cheap option for students to enjoy anywhere from a variety of sandwich options, that include, hot grilled, and original sandwiches to soups and salads. 

The discount at Wagshal’s lasts for the entire year as long as a valid student ID is shown. 

To get to Wagshal’s, students can take either the AU shuttle bus down Massachusetts Avenue towards the Spring Valley Building, or get on the N4 or N6 outside of Katzen.


Chick-fil-A is quite a popular chain for AU students to go to, due in part to the popularity of their chicken, as well as its convenient location in Tenleytown. Students can get there by taking the AU shuttle bus to Tenleytown and then just walking a few steps to the restaurant. 

At Chick-fil-A, students can enjoy a free drink with their meal. Some Chick-fil-A restaurants offer slightly different student options such as a free order of fries, but it all depends on which Chick-fil-A students visit. Not having to pay for a drink allows for students to minimize the cost of their meal and still enjoy their chicken. 

The free drink deal at Chick-fil- lasts all year as long as a valid student ID is shown. 

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