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Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2024
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6 back to school patterns

Six back-to-school style tips to welcome the fall

Return to AU in style with these patterns and staple pieces

Back-to-school commercials have returned as a bittersweet reminder that Aug. 26 is approaching. It’s time to grab both new pencils and updated patterns to start this semester in style. Whether you’re looking to spend money on new clothes this semester or recycle trends from the back of your closet, the following patterns and piece suggestions will provide you with options that can help your wardrobe seamlessly transition from the end of summer to the beginning of autumn. 

From timeless patterns like plaid to trending prints like cheetah, imbue your wardrobe with these colors and designs that move past the classic neutrals and stripes: 

1) Cheetah print

Cheetah Print.jpg

While “Elle” says animal prints are timeless, within the last few months, cheetah print and other big cat looks have become an everyday pattern for both casual and night-out outfits. You can buy cheetah print clothes from head to toe with shoewear, shirts and pants, all displaying the chic design. With a print as bold as this, try to make it the center of your outfit by pairing it with more muted tones such as blacks or other neutrals. 

2) Plaid


A common association with the fall season is the cozy and classic pattern of plaid. Beyond just flannels, plaid can be found on jackets, pants and rompers, which gives you a myriad of non-traditional options for showing off this autumnal print. Why wait for the fall to wear your favorite plaid shirt, though? Paired with shorts, you can start wearing your favorite plaid piece as soon as tomorrow. 

3) Mustard Yellow


The mustard yellow trend has been going strong since its mainstream debut in 2016. Some colors are never going to lose their popularity – primarily neutral colors – but mustard yellow has held its own as a must-have color in your closet for the past three fall seasons. This muted color can be worn in so many ways that it transcends all seasons to work for you and your budget. 

Pair a mustard yellow shirt with your favorite pair of jeans or jean shorts for a casual look that can be worn at the end of August into September. Let this color be an accent to a bolder outfit by choosing a piece that only features small amounts of the color, such as through a floral pattern or a color block style. Best of all, let this color be your whole look. Choose a piece that is all mustard yellow to show the world you are ready for fall classes to begin.  

Change the way you wear denim and buttons this fall by investing in some of the following items: 

4) Denim


Denim is here to stay for years to come, which should make you and your wallet happy. Since denim is always in style, there are many different ways to wear it to keep up with the ever-changing trends. If you are a firm believer that denim should only be for jeans, feel free to consider some variation in what kinds of jeans you shop for - including but not limited to flare jeans.

If you’re willing to take a risk with denim, explore your options with denim dresses, jumpsuits and jackets (many, many, many different variations of denim jackets). Looking to move past the classic blue denim? Consider adding pops of color to your denim collection. 

5) Bold buttons


Button-up shirts are staples in a lot of professional outfits. But buttons have moved past small, unnoticeable accents to become the main focal points of many pieces. From tortoise-patterned to shimmery gold, these buttons want to be seen and want you to be the one to show them off. 

Bold buttons have been featured on shirts, skirts, dresses and pants. While these buttons should not be what you base your entire outfit on, they can act as a beautiful accessory that complements other aspects of your outfit. 

6) Overalls and jumpsuits


Don’t let the assumed inconveniences of overalls and jumpsuits stop you from wearing both of these trending pieces. The layering opportunities that come from both of these items make them the perfect pieces to transition from summer to fall.

Many of these suggestions overlap, which allows for an endless number of combinations: plaid with bold buttons, mustard yellow denim, cheetah print jumpsuits. All these suggestions are fluid and can work for anyone because your style should aid in defining you. Be confident as you return to AU this fall by being exactly who you want to be. Hopefully, that pursuit includes cheetah print and overalls. 

All products featured in this article were independently selected by Stephanie Mirah. Featured clothing stores do not equal endorsements.

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