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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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The (Com)Post: The Eagle goes thrifting and shares sustainable shopping tips

Secondhand shopping can be a budget-friendly way to help the environment

Climate change is a big and looming issue, but it doesn’t have to be so intimidating. The (Com)Post is The Eagle’s sustainability series that breaks down topics in eco-friendly living in a fresh, actionable and fun way.

While many students seek affordable, trendy and easily accessible clothing to fit busy college lifestyles, sometimes what goes on behind the scenes can have a negative impact. Sometimes, clothing production can harm workers’ health and the environment, with clothes ending up in massive landfills that emit greenhouse gases and toxins into the air, ground and streams. 

Being mindful about the clothes you buy and where you buy them from is a great way to promote environmental sustainability. Another way to be a more conscious clothing consumer is to buy—and sell—secondhand clothing. Not only does it protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions and water waste, but it also limits the amount of clothing that gets thrown away each year

Consumers can find all kinds of unique, secondhand pieces in thrift shops that are also in good condition. For some, thrifting can be daunting; many U.S. thrift stores like Buffalo Exchange have a large supply and wide range of items. Here are some tips to make shopping easier: 

1. Have an open mind: You may go in for one thing and end up finding something awesome that is completely different. 

2. Explore the whole store: Look in all sections regardless of gender or age labels 

3. Keep an eye out for quality: Checking the soles of shoes is a good way to tell if they’re in good condition.

Secondhand shopping is a style, budget and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional clothing shopping. By recycling and giving clothes a “second life,” anyone can literally wear their commitment to sustainability on their backs.   

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