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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Opinion: Angela Chen is the leader AU students deserve as their next president

Angela Chen is a tested leader with the endurance to serve students

A few weeks ago, AUSG President Valentina Fernández wrote what I believe to be the best explanation of what makes a good Student Government president. In her Medium post, Fernández rightly suggested that our campus needs leaders who care more about the substance behind issues and less about crafting a good sound bite. In her words, students deserve a leader who will “commit even in hidden rooms when there is no glamour in a student media news article or a social media post.” 

President Fernández knows what she’s talking about. Indeed, her presidency has been a case study in what makes a good leader: a willingness to listen to those you represent, a commitment to understanding the nuances of the issues and the determination to show up every day ready to get the job done. 

In a few days we will elect our next president, and once again we will be tasked with selecting a candidate who has what it takes to be an effective leader for every student. Fortunately for us, there’s one student on the ballot who certainly has what it takes. Her name is Angela Chen. 

I’ll be voting for Angela to serve as our next AUSG president because she’s the type of leader our campus needs and deserves. She has the grit and work ethic required for a job as difficult as AUSG president. She also has the empathy needed for someone seeking to advocate on behalf of thousands of unique students. She’ll amplify the voices of others, rather than drowning them out in favor of her own. She’ll translate the values and concerns we share as a student body into tangible, meaningful policy proposals that will actually improve the lives and experiences of AU students. 

During my time at AU, I have watched firsthand as Angela has taken on leadership roles with grace and confidence. As the chair of the Committee on Students Rights and Services in the Undergraduate Senate, she worked relentlessly to improve campus life. 

As the Chief Advocate for Title IX, Angela led the Center for Advocacy & Student Equity (CASE)’s team of advocates specifically trained to assist survivors of sexual assault. It’s arguably the hardest job in the department, and one that requires complete confidentiality because of the seriousness of these cases. This is not a job for those in AUSG who seek the spotlight above all else; it’s a job for diligent, compassionate leaders that put the well-being of students above all else. Angela did just that, day in and day out, and garnered the skills of a true advocate in the process. 

Angela’s time in CASE, as a senator representing the Class of 2021, and as the president of AU College Democrats has shaped her into a leader of unparalleled talent. Her campaign to become AUSG President is a testament to how she’s grown into a powerful advocate since coming to AU. Her comprehensive platform, for example, should make the entire student body confident that Angela will be able to hit the ground running the second she’s sworn in as President. 

Good candidates are a dime a dozen. Good presidents, on the other hand, are much harder to come by. With tuition set to rise, massive changes to AU’s dining program on the horizon, and continued issues of inequality we need a true leader as our next president now more than ever. 

Angela Chen is the real deal. She’s a tested leader who has the endurance to relentlessly work for students every day of her term. That’s why I’ll be voting for her next Monday, and I encourage you to do the same. 

Sarem Haq is a sophomore and the Director of the Center for Advocacy & Student Equity. He is an outside contributor. The opinions expressed by the author are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Eagle and its staff.

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