‘Max’s Homemade Cookies’ delivers warm cookies to freshmen right to their door

How one freshman’s hobby turned into a small business

‘Max’s Homemade Cookies’ delivers warm cookies to freshmen right to their door

Max Lawton-Yoder, left, and Aja Becker, right, on the third floor Anderson kitchen baking and preparing for that Friday night's deliveries. 

Armed only with a communal kitchen in Anderson Hall, one cookie sheet and a few recipes, the small business “Max’s Homemade Cookies” has taken off as a staple for late-night snacking among AU freshmen. 

Freshman Max Lawton-Yoder, along with his friends and fellow freshmen Aja Becker and Crosby Gaeta, began making and selling freshly baked homemade cookies to be distributed to residents of Anderson, Letts and Centennial Halls this semester. 

During his first semester at AU, Lawton-Yoder realized how popular his cookies were among his friends and neighbors.

“It was a passion project,” Lawton-Yoder said. “Everyone really loved them and said it reminded them of home.”


“Max’s Homemade Cookies” sold about 182 cookies in the first weekend alone. The team prepares and stores the cookie dough on Thursday night, and bakes and delivers them between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Cookies are are $1.50 each, four for $5, or 10 for $10. 

“Our thing is we make them fresh,” Becker said. 

Using only all organic ingredients from Whole Foods, “Max’s Homemade Cookies” delivers their treats to customers as soon as they are out of the oven. 

Lawton-Yoder created the cookie recipe on his own and provided the initial funds for the ingredients and supplies needed to put the cookie operation in action. Since then, the profits from the cookies are enough to cover all expenses — including salaries for two students who deliver the baked goods to the dorms. 

Becker’s main job is as a social media advisor, but she often tag-teams with Lawton-Yoder in the baking and delivering process. When he’s out delivering, she’s baking and when he’s baking, she’s delivering. 

While she may not have an official role, Gaeta serves as the on-call girl who offers assistance whenever it is needed. 

“We joke I’m the mom of the mom-and-pop-shop,” she said.

During Founders Week, the team donated half of their profits to the 36-hours fundraising challenge to support the University. The cookie team hopes to reach their goal of selling and delivering 100 cookies per night in the long-term future.

“We definitely hope to continue serving in the dorms with the possibility of others,” Lawton-Yoder said, “and in addition to that, we want to start serving more cookie options.” 

The team continues to post updates on their Instagram and sets up polls on their Instagram stories to take student requests of what they want baked for them in upcoming weekends. 


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