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Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Open Mic Night Dav

Mu Beta Psi hosts open mic night at the Dav with acoustic music

AU students showcase musical talents at the campus coffee shop

The Davenport Coffee Lounge was filled with live music on Oct. 21, as Mu Beta Psi hosted their first open mic night of the year. Advertised on Facebook by the co-ed music fraternity as a “beautiful atmosphere with delicious coffee and good company,” all performers at AU were invited to sing and play.

With an audience of studying students, Mu Beta Psi members, music lovers and those just in need of a caffeine fix, the casual open mic night served as alluring background music for the coffeehouse.

“It was really interesting and refreshing to be able to hear some music coming from the students themselves,” said Skylar Aviles, a Delaware in D.C. program student who came to the open mic night to support a performing friend. “It was a great opportunity given to share talent.”

Though the event had a slow start due to hesitant performers, students, both part of the fraternity and not, came armed with guitars, keyboards and other instruments to serenade the Dav.

Kicking the night off was a non-Mu Beta Psi member, Natalie Ramseur, who was accompanied by her blue ukulele. With a wide vocal range and soothing voice, Ramseur had audiences at ease and swaying along with her. Performing in front of an audience was not difficult for Ramseur because she attended numerous open mic nights back at home. She said she was pleased to see the fraternity’s Facebook event post in her feed.

Second in line was Julia Gross, another first-year student who is also part of the Delaware in D.C. program, who sang while playing her guitar. Since there was a 15-minute time limit for each performer, Gross performed three songs including “Drops of Jupiter” by Train. Gross had a powerful voice that demanded the Dav’s attention from the moment she settled herself in front of the mic.

Next in line was Mu Beta Psi brother Jacob Tracey, who also performed three songs while accompanying himself on his guitar. His confidence and swagger onstage was apparent to all who watched him. He’s more than a brother and performer, however. Tracey is vice president for Mu Beta Psi and the organizer for this event.

Tracey took on the position of vice president this semester. His job entails coordinating and creating social events on the fraternity’s behalf. Some of these functions include study nights, meet-ups at certain members’ houses, Battle of the Bands and open mic nights.

Mu Beta Psi open mic nights have been going on for at least the past three years and Tracey remembers partaking in his first one during his freshman year. Tracey is also responsible for securing a location to host these open mic nights.

“American has changed around a lot of the policies with certain places,” said Tracey. “The Perch and the Hatch could only be used by those residence halls or the residence hall association, it removed two places that we had done open mics at many times in the past.”

These changes have prompted Mu Beta Psi to turn to the on campus coffee houses, such as The Dav, to serve as their stage for these nights.

Mu Beta Psi president Cali Bronkema said the open mic night was a space for students to get their minds off of academics.

“We thought providing a space to kinda decompress as midterms starting to pile up and a place where kids already kinda migrate to to get their caffeine boost,” Bronkema said. “We thought we could provide some music to go along with that.”

Though the open mic night did not reach its goal of around 15 performers, Tracey acknowledged that this wasn’t surprising, with that weekend being parents’ weekend. However, Mu Beta Psi plans on hosting at least one more open mic night this semester, with even more to follow next semester.

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