Why AU should adopt public charging stations

Public Charging Stations are a great investment for student success

Why AU should adopt public charging stations

Schools have always claimed that their first priority is to ensure that students are given the adequate resources to succeed in all aspects of life. Since much of student success in school involves some sort of technology, schools need to ensure that they are providing enough possibilities for students who depend on their laptops and phones to use them for long hours. Students now depend on their technology to take notes, stay organized, study, and contact their teachers among other things. For this reason, it is important that technology is constantly charged throughout the day for extensive use.

According to a McGraw Hill Education and Hanover Research study, use of technology such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets estimate 81% of students depend on these devices for academic success. Schools have gone completely electronic and no longer use or require paper for some classes. It is important for the schools to tailor their environment to these new changes. And what’s the best way to do that? Public charging stations.

According to Kwikboost On Campus, 77% of college students have reported that using technology in their classes help their grades, and 48% of students say that mobile devices saves time for on-the-go studying. If so many students rely on technology to help them academically, imagine what would happen if their technology suddenly died. Students are too focused on studying to realize they need to make a pit stop back to their rooms to charge their devices, and even if they did notice, taking time out of their day may not be a possibility. Student schedules have become more and more demanding. They simply don’t have the time to worry about whether or not their technology has low battery. So the best way for schools to ensure student success is to take this burden off their shoulders and install free public charging stations.

Free public charging stations will ensure that students don’t miss an email, homework deadline, or upcoming test date. It is in the best interest of the school to install free public charging stations not only for academic use but also for campus safety. Community, friendship, and protected students are key components for university life and promoting a safe campus that uses all its resources to promote these strong feelings is the best way a University can spend it’s money.

Slowly, other Universities (University of California-Berkeley, Boston University, Virginia Tech, University of Miami to name a few) have installed charging stations and AU is falling behind these leading academic institutions. If AU wants to keep up and compete with the top universities it needs to seriously consider this new wave of tech advancement. A small survey of students at AU was conducted to see how students felt about having public charging stations. Below are the results:

  • 77.8% of students surveyed said they rely on technology very much for school.
  • 77.8% of students surveyed said they believe that having public charging stations on campus would greatly benefit them and their education.

When surveyed about the possible areas for installation these were the results:

  • 74.5% agreed Bender Library is the best place
  • 66.7% agreed that it would be beneficial to have one piece on the first floor of MGC.
  • 60.8% agreed for one per floor lounge in the residence halls
  • 60.7% agreed for a one outside of SIS and/or SPA
  • 45.1% agreed for one in the Dining Halls
  • 15.7% agreed for one in other places like Ward, Hurst, and the Fitness Centers.

So the big question here is, if installing public charging stations is so beneficial for everyone then why hasn’t AU adopted this policy yet?


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