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Monday, Feb. 26, 2024
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HAIM has “Something To Tell You” with elevated lyrics

The trio of sisters balance rock and pop on their sophomore album

The all-female trio HAIM strikes gold again with “Something To Tell You,” a pure pop album released on July 7. It hits that sweet spot without seeming too trite, delivering on the lyrical promise that the group hinted at four years ago with their first successful LP, “Days are Gone.”

Their seamless balance of alternative rock and catchy pop is reflected not only in their attire and image, but in the array of hits off this album. While their debut showed off their musicality, strengthened by their sibling bond, their second album seems to be more of a confessional. On “Something to Tell You,” it’s the melodies that support the lyrics, not vice versa.

Sisters Alana, Danielle and Este Haim released the first song on the album, “Want You Back ,” as a single back in early May and it quickly became a candidate for the song of the summer. Danielle opens the song with soft, pop vocals, singing “somethings are long forgotten,” though this song is not. The carefree melody offers a stark contrast to the pleading, repeated lyrics asking the singer’s ex to reconsider their relationship.

As evident from the other songs on the album, “Want You Back” is the closest to bubblegum pop, though “Little of Your Love,” “Ready For You” and “Found It In Silence” all feature those irresistible pop hooks. All the songs seem to speak of a lost love, which isn’t a new concept in music, but HAIM makes sure the songs are new by, ironically, employing retro music genres.

The band doesn’t hide their other alternative rock side on the album, but instead blends it into their pop sounds. They also sample vintage '80s and '90s pop on the tracks “Nothing's Wrong” and “You Never Knew.” The songs emulate what HAIM does best: couple serious, soul-digging lyrics with three sweet harmonies.

The sister act formed in 2007 and have been going strong since they released their first EP, “Forever,” in 2012, leading to their mainstream success and subsequent record deal with Polydor Records. Their soft-rock style has been compared to Fleetwood Mac, though the sisters have crafted a unique sound, one that includes notes of R&B.

HAIM is one-of-a-kind, and some may criticize their pop sound, but their take on a genre that is losing critics’ favor is nothing short of brilliance. This album transports listeners to their world, and leaves you wanting nothing more than to dance. The band may be touring and promoting the album now, but their next album is already on fans’ minds.

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