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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Your DIY guide to Easter brunch

Try some of these ideas for a unique at home brunch this weekend

There’s nothing more stressful than hosting a party at your place. From cleaning and decorating to last minute touch-ups, the last thing you want to worry about is what delicious meals you plan serve to your guests. For something new, try some DIY stations for the perfect Easter brunch. There’s nothing more simple than having your guests make their own meals and it’s a quick and easy meal plan for you.

Yogurt Bar

For the yogurt bar, you will need a variety of flavored yogurt. Lay out each yogurt in either a separate bowl, or just leave it in the container they come in. For the fun part, offer a variety of toppings. Some examples can include granola, fresh fruit and nuts. Put each of the toppings in a separate bowl and lay them out in an aesthetic manner. Let your guests enjoy their delicious yogurt with toppings. 

Champagne Bar

Select a few of your favorite chilled sparkling wines and champagnes. Stick to dry champagne, as you are going to add mixers to the beverages. In separate mugs, lay out the mixers, such as orange juice, cranberry juice and watermelon juice. For the fun part, lay out some fresh fruit garnishes, like strawberries, raspberries and cranberries. To add some flair, grab champagne flutes from a party store for the guests. The ratio for champagne to mixers should be half and half, or to taste. Let each guest be their own bartender and mix their own drinks.

Omelet Bar

Preheat a griddle. Prepare a large bowl with a sufficient amount of omelet mix. Pick some yummy omelet fillings, like a few different types of cheeses, herbs, vegetables and meats. Have your guests add whatever fillings they’d like to the omelet mix, and have them grill their own omelet at the griddle. Make sure you have enough napkins and wipes since this station can get a bit messy with the omelet mix. 

Pancake/Waffle Bar

Similar to the omelet bar, preheat a griddle/waffle maker and prepare a sufficient amount of pancake/waffle mix in a large bowl. Lay out some awesome toppings, such as chocolate chips, blueberries, white chocolate, peanut butter chips, strawberries and bananas. Guests will have the opportunity to create their own pancake/waffle mix and cook them on the griddle or waffle maker. Don’t forget to add the syrup and whipped cream for even more deliciousness.

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